FR Legends is coming to Android and its developer said so, so you can take that to the bank.

Update: FR Legends is on Android! Instructions on how to download here!

FR legends looks to be a seriously fun drifting game, so when I saw so many of my friends posting about this “true to the sport” app-based game with graphics that aren’t too serious, I was intrigued. To my disappointment, I found out that it’s Apple iOS only. But, as per FR Legends Group, the largest Facebook group dedicated to this fun app game started by the developer of the game himself, he confirmed earlier this week (Oct. 5,2018) that” an Android version is coming at the end of this month! Please don’t ask again.” Check out a screenshot from the developer himself below.

There might already be an update and announcement saying the same thing on the Ios app page itself, so this article is for those Android users out there.


From my cursory knowledge of Apple and Android apps, it takes a lot of work to convert apps over from Apple to Android. Both operating systems have their own preferences when code is concerned. Thinkmobiles reports that,

“Concerning code porting for iOS/Android conversion, dissemblance is huge. Today’s iPhone apps are being mostly developed with Swift language, while Android apps use Java and/or Kotlin. You can not just recompile the first code into the latter.”

Given this knowledge, for those Android users hankering to play this game ASAP, please give the developers time to make the conversion as it isn’t just a simple conversion process.

In the meantime, if you DO come across any FR Legends games on the Google Play store from now until the end of October and don’t see “Feng Li” as the developer, don’t download it as it’s fake!

You can always buy an Apple device if you want to play FR Legends right now but for some people, that goes against their “Android above everything else” ethos so that’s a no go.

So, sit tight my fellow android users. FR Legends is coming, soon. Hopefully sooner rather than later.



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