If you’re looking for the gold standard for what a drift video shot by a drone could look like, look no further.

When drones with video capability first started coming out, naturally videographers who shot motorsport incorporated drone shots into their edits. While the art of drone video in motorsport was slow goings at first, it’s taken a sharp upturn in quality and improvement and right now, Airblastr is leading the pack. As per Matt Field on a Facebook post he shared earlier today (Oct. 9,2018) he teamed up with Airblastr to shoot arguably the best drone video featuring motorsport and drifting to date. Filmed in the hills of what I’m assuming is Calavaras Road in Milpitas, these hills are a special place for Northern California Pro Drifter Matt Field. Please, check out the video below!

The pièce de résistance, in my opinion, has to be that opening shot when Airblastr’s drone weaves its way through the tree-lined forests in the hills of Milpitas. Timed just right, the drone pilot opens up the video with a drift shot for the ages as Matt Field’s Corvette slides through that canyon corner.

The majority of the video is Matt Field taking his Formula D Corvette through its paces as he shreds his tires into oblivion. Anyone who knows a little bit about Matt Field and from what I can gather from the comments, its these same canyon roads in the vid where he cut his teeth in the world of drifting.

On the map, you’d be hard-pressed at a bird’s eye view to see where in the Bay Area one could drift. But, if you know the local roads, it’s not to hard to find some epic curves literally miles from your door.

As you can see in the Google Maps above, cradled between the ocean and the Ohlone Regional Wilderness is a stretch of road in the East Foothills that few cars go on anymore. With pristine rolling hills and open spaces, it’s a stark contrast to Silicon Valley below. It’s also a safer places to hang your tail end loose if you’re looking for a place to perfect your drifting.

It’s the curves and open spaces that make this place special and is what Airblastr so masterfully captures.

I’ve liked Airblastr’s Instagram page and I’m looking forward to what else they do in Motorsports.

Drone vid pilots, pay attention, and take notes from these guys.


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