VW has a T-Roc Convertible in the works, as these spy photos show, so does that mean N. America is going to get a 2020 VW T-Cross Convertible?

VW’s smallest offering, the Tiguan sells extremely well in the United States , close to 50,000 Tiguans for the past two years with VW looking to break that record in 2018 by a large margin, already selling close to 80,000 Tiguans and the year isn’t even over yet. VW is doubling down on that strategy and introducing another smaller SUV. Dubbed the T-Cross, it’s not as large as the T-Roc, based on the Polo, but should sell just as well. But, as per Motor 1 in their report on these spy shots that surfaced earlier this week (Oct. 8, 2018) I think there’s a possibility that we’ll even get a T-Cross Convertible later down the road.

Although these spy shots show a camo’d T-Roc, it would behoove VW to consider making a convertible T-Cross after the T-Cross debuts.

In these spy shots we can see a pre-production VW T-ROC making its way around town with its roof chopped off in favor of a soft and retractable soft top. VW says the T-Roc is already a light vehicle to begin with so adding a soft-top and adding structural rigidity presumably won’t take much away from an already capable little crossover.

The T-Cross Convertible, on the other hand, would be much smaller, sharing a slightly modified MQB Platform from the Polo. Nonetheless, a convertible T-Cross would follow in the footsteps of this Pre-pro T-Roc ‘vert, adding retractable soft-top.

The T-Cross will sell well, there’s no doubt about that. With our love for crossovers cemented for the immediate future, adding a convertible seems like a possible logical next step for the T-Cross sub-lineup.

In fair weather markets like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida, a T-Cross convertible would appeal to car shoppers in these sunshine areas, its top down for the majority of the year.

Against competition from the Hyundai Kona, Honda HR-V and Nissan Juke, priced cheaper than the Tiguan, the T-Cross would undoubtedly be a nice complement to the aforementioned Tiguan, one-upping competition with a top-down experience.

Adding a convertible should make the T-Cross that much more fun.

I’m just saying.

Source:Motor 1


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