Ford is bringing back some old favorites but not before equipping them with proper transmissions that should do OK in this age of rising gas prices.

Although Ford is mostly hush-hush about its upcoming Ford Bronco they announced at least year’s North American International Auto Show, it’s not like we don’t already have the basics about this 6th gen Bronco to get a good idea of what to expect. Enter another big piece, a seven-speed transmission. As per CJ Pony Parts in their report on the next piece of the puzzle for the 2020 Ford Bronco(Oct. 9, 2018), it looks like this Ford Ranger based SUV is going to get a Getrag sourced 7-speed.

While it’s hard to imagine any car with a shfit lever sporting seven-full speeds, think of those two extra gears strictly for eke-ing out MPG’s and it doesn’t seem all that daunting. Once only an option seen in high-end sports cars like the C7 Corvette and Bugatti Veyron, more speeds to row slowly trickled down to consumer level cars.

As per sources close to Ford working on this project, a 7-speed transmission from Getrag makes sense given that the current Mustang alaready has a six-speed manaul from Getrag, which, they’ve perfected through a trial by fire via consumers.

Adding further to the compounding evidence of a Getrag 7-speed, Jalopnik reports that several Getrag LinkedIn employees boast about a new transmission in the works codenamed MT-88 which would bring it in line with earlier project designations.

With this 7-speed in the mix, we have a potent Bronco on our hands. We already know it’ll be based on the upcoming Ford Ranger, which, by and large, is based on the global Ford Ranger. And if you didn’t already know, the Ford Everest, a 5-seater SUV based on that aforementioned Global ranger, is already a thing. Ford presumably will take what they’ve learned from the Everest and implement it into this upcoming Bronco.

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Paired to some sort of Ecoboost engine, a 2.3L or 2.7L, this Bronco should live up to its legendary history.

Given how gas prices are going, it would behoove Ford to come out with this Bronco sooner rather than later.  A seven-speed may help, but not by much.


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