Mugen, advised with market knowledge from King Motorsports, is considering another run of its iconic MF10 wheel in 16×7.5 +42.

If you’re looking for the perfect period correct wheel for your golden age Honda; DA, EG, EK, or DC, and want something brand spanking new, King Motorsports has some good news for you. As per King Motorsports Unlimited on Instagram and Facebook earlier today (Oct. 10,2018) they are seriously considering making a production run of their iconic Mugen MF10 wheel in 16×7.5 +42.


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Prototype MUGEN MF10 16×7.5 +43 5×114.3 Possible production in 2019- Who would be interested?

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With real deal used sets of Mugen MF10’s fetching for $1,500 and above, the demand for these wheels has never really gone down since they were introduced more than 20 years ago.

History on this particular wheel is few and far between but it looks like these wheels came to be thanks to Mugen focusing on improving the DC2 Acura Integra Type R. With radical looking but functional aero proven by wind tunnel testing and a set of 10-spoke wheels that complimented its “shaped by the wind” aero, they were, on their own, an instant hit with enthusiasts. But, like all things Mugen, you have to pay to play and there were only so many sets made.

Every now and then, Mugen resurrects the MF10 to fit certain vehicles like when they made another run when they introduced the DC5 Acura RSX/ Integra Type R aero package. Those wheels had a very specific size of 17×8 +55. There was also a possible production run of 17×8 +45 two years ago.

And from my quick googling around it looks like there was another short-lived run of Mugen MF10 wheels in 16×7 +43 back in 2008. Supposedly there were only 50 sets of those sold.

To confirm what King Motorsports posted, I reached out to K.M. and this is what they told me verbatim,

“We are considering a production run of this 16×7.5 MF10 wheel for 2019. No pricing is available yet. We are just gauging interest. The MF10 wheels have been produced by Mugen since the late 1990’s. They currently are not a wheel listed in the Mugen catalog, but we are occasionally about to produce small production runs if there is enough demand.”

If you didn’t get the hint from that last line, they’re looking to you, the consumer, to come up with the demand. That means if you REALLY want this wheel and have the money to spend on it, it would behoove you to reply to their social media posts stating that. It also probably wouldn’t hurt letting them know over e-mail that you want this specific size.

Mugen MF10’s are back, only if you want them to.




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