JSport Performance dropped two new packages for the 10th gen Honda Civic but the Tarmac package caught my eye, and for good reason.

There’s literally a Honda Civic for everyone, from the lowly 2.0L NA powered Civic Sedan all the way to the sports car shaming 2.0T Honda Civic Type R. So, why not a Civic for the adventure minded, the type that might go off the beaten path? Here’s a good start to one. Earlier this week (Oct. 9, 2018) JSport Performance dropped two new accessory packages for the 10th gen Civic dubbed the Rev and Tarmac featuring carbon fiber bobs and bits along with their signature wheels. But, it’s the Tarmac package that really caught my eye.


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‼️The Jsport Honda Civic Tarmac Package is here‼️

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As per JSport’s spec sheet, this Tarmac package includes,

  • a Carbon fiber front diffuser
  • Carbon fiber deck lid spoiler
  • Jsport TARMAC grey wheels *EXCLUSIVE*
  • Red Jsport floor mats
  • Durable extended mudflaps

With a name like TARMAC including those extended mudflaps, my mind wanders to Porsche 911 Safari Builds, overlanders, and lightly modified off-roaders. Reading the description, my initial thoughts are confirmed.

With wheels that nod to rally racing, design cues from the Civic 5 door sport and the Si models, this package is the ultimate expression of sport and style. +

To be honest, the whole package combination is ever so slightly confusing. The wheels and mudflaps say off-road while the diffuser, spoiler (both Carbon Fiber by the ) and tire choice for the dull-finished wheels say sporty. It’s an amalgamation of parts that doesn’t quite go together, in my opinion.

But, if you take my aforementioned initial thoughts and imbue this Civic with a slight lift and put on some slightly more aggressive tires, you have the makings of a “VW Alltrack-esque” or Civic RT-4WD trim level build on your hands which DOES make sense, at least to me.

The Civic already comes with the same 1.5T engine as in the CR-V so if you reroute the Civic’s exhaust piping and use that exhaust tunnel to run the CR-V’s driveshaft and apple sized rear-diff in the rear, also throw on a 15mm lift thanks to some bigger springs and you have a Civic you can take off the beaten path, if only for a little.

At the very least, you’ll protect those carbon fiber bits from monster speed bumps curbs.

Or, lose those CF bits, they don’t make sense to me.


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