This spare Ferrari F40 engine is being auctioned off at the end of November and you can be the winning bidder.

Earlier this week I blogged that BH Auction is organizing an exclusive auction for Team Taisan, a Japanese privateer racing team with notable success in the ’90’s and still racing today. One of the many cars they campaigned in the mid-90’s was the infamous Ferrari F40, whom, at that time, already gained notoriety around the world for its speed and performance. Team Taisan’s Ferrari F40, also being auctioned off, competed in all the 1994 JGTC championship series and in some races the next year. And, like all good race teams, Team Taisan has a handful of Ferrari F40 engines lying around to swap in at a moment’s notice, including this one about to be auctioned off.

Details on this particular engine are few and far between and the only thing BH Auction gives us is one photo with details to be added later but you can glean a couple of details off the fact that this was prepped for JGTC, specifically the GT500 class. As the name suggests, the horsepower limit on these engines is at 500 HP so I’d guess this is a bone stock Ferrari F40 engine.

The photo they’ve provided, which I’m linking here, is super detailed it’s so large, as such you can see that it’s been fired up at least a couple of times probably for break-in purposes.

Not so keen eyes will notice that two honking exhaust manifolds and those (2) turbochargers are missing which I’m assuming they’ve taken off for ease of storage, which without, this motor would be lacking that 1.1 bar of boost. BH auction hasn’t completely listed all the parts they’re auctioning for Team Taisan so, hopefully, those two snails are included.

Dubbed the Dino Tipo F120A engine, this legendary 2.9L V8 made an astonishing, at the time, 471 HP at 7,000 RPM and 426 lb-ft at 4,000 RPM thanks to 16 PSI of turbo boost. With all that shove down low and with this engine able to deliver all that power in its upper rev-range, paired to its F40 chassis, this was a marriage in supercar heaven.

A quick google search and this isn’t the first Ferrari F40 engine to hit the internet recently. One popped up on BringATrailer this past July but that engine was all torn apart, in pieces, although it was all there. That mishmash of Ferrari parts sold for $88,040.

Knowing that, I’ll be keen to see how much this one sells for. Auction is set for Nov. 17, so mark your calendars.


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