Lexus of Japan only made one long wheelbase second gen. Lexus LS 400 and this luxury car dealership in Poland is offering it up for sale for 10x what a regular one would sell for today.

Would you pay $43,000 for a Japanese import made in 1998? If it was a regular 1998 Honda Civic, surely not, but, given the right make, model, and trim level, that hefty sum might make sense. As per a Reddit thread on /r/cars that popped up earlier today (Oct. 13, 2018) there’s a 1 of 1 1998 Lexus LS400 long wheelbase for sale and it’s worth every penny of that suggested sale price. Check out the listing here, a video of this luxury Japanese limo below, and a couple of photos as well provided below.


Consider that in 1998, a bog-standard Lexus LS400 MSRP’d for $53,000 which is roughly equal to $83,000 today. With literally world-class luxury, an engine that’ll survive a nuclear blast and then some, and a driving experience unparalleled by even the German luxury marquees of the time, that original asking price is understandable.

A quick glance through Craigslist today shows that in the Los Angeles area, I can get myself a ’98 LS400 for around $4300. Sure, it’s got some scuff marks, there’s some mileage on the engine, and the seats are a bit worn, but it’s a Toyota after all.

But this long-wheelbase Lexus LS400 is something quite special. According to our Polish friends over at AutoSwiat who published a couple of words on this rare find, this Lexus LS400 long wheelbase used to be owned by a bonafide Arab sheikh, you know, oil magnate and all. The real wealthy kind.

Taking their expert eye and seasoned knowledge of Japanese imports as cannon, according to Swiat, Lexus had a hand in making this long-wheelbase. It was most likely special order from the factory in Japan. There is no other coachmaker in the world who could’ve come up with a long-wheelbase that’s this OEM level of quality other than Lexus.

And it shows. Outside, the door gaps are seamless and uniform as far as I can tell from the pictures. Inside, occupants are swatched in that soft pliable leather only Lexus offers. Everything looks and is OEM quality. You can imagine this long-Lexus pulling up to some luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi and commanding some serious presence.

The listing says that this car has genuine potential for growth as an investment and I tend to agree with that statement. It’s Rad, it’s a bulletproof platform, and has some serious road presence that blends in with modern traffic like it was made yesterday.

It’s a definite buy.




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