I decided to bring my Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP along with my Game Boy Camera to shoot Radwood NorCal.

Radwood is a special kind of show that demands a special kind of camera so I decided to bring along a period correct camera (kindof) and shot Radwood behind the lens of a .016 megapixel Game Boy camera.

Although I do own an original Game Boy Clear that would’ve made taking photos a lot easier, that wonderful electronic decided not to work a few months back. Instead, my second generation Game Boy Advance SP would have to do.

Game Boy Camera
The two cameras I brought to Radwood NorCal: A Nikon D3100 and my trusty Game Boy Camera

As you can see in the photo, the Advance SPs clamshell design meant that I would have to shoot photos with the main screen hanging upside down. Nevertheless, taking photos with this Game Boy Camera wasn’t that hard. And with the Game Boy Advance SP’s superior battery life, I wouldn’t have to worry about the Game Boy taking a crap on me in the middle of the day. The Game Boy Camera can only store 30 photos so I had to be selective of what I shot, which was hard at Radwood with literally dozens of cars vying for my attention.

As for transferring the photos from Game Boy Camera to my computer, I decided to not make things so complicated and simply, but carefully, took a photo with an Apple iPhone 8 in a dimly lit room. The green hue of the Game Boy Advance Screen was taken care of with a monotone filter. As you can see, the results aren’t all that bad given the level of detail these Game Boy photos are known for.

So, without further ado, here are the 28 out of the 30 photos ( I took two photos of my finger how?) that made the cut from Radwood Norcal!

Radwood banner
A Radwood windshield banner on a Chevrolet Tahoe at Radwood.

First, here are a couple of shots of the people of Radwood.

A group of enthusiasts gathered around a restored FB Mazda RX7 at Radwood Norcal 2018
Photog R33
A photog expertly snaps a shot of the rear of this Nissan R32 at Radwood.
Rad 80's couple
A lovely couple in period correct clothing takes a stroll on the car-lined sidewalk at Radwood.
Radwood Boombox
A showgoer plays with the boombox propping up the hood of a Buick GNX at Radwood8.
Radwood Awards ceremony
The awards ceremony wraps up the event at Radwood.

A couple of shots of Bradley Brownell’s lifted S6 with the Radwood banner draped on it.

Radwood banner
A Radwood banner on this lifted Audi S6 at Radwood Norcal 2018.
Lifted Audi RS6
Bradley Brownell’s “lifted” Audi S6 parked with a Radwood banner near the front greeting showgoers at Radwood.
Lifted Audi RS6
Bradley Brownell’s “lifted” Audi S6 parked with a Radwood banner near the front greeting showgoers at Radwood.

The Team O’Neill Van

Team O'Neill van
The period correct Team O’Neill surf van hastily passes by my camera at Radwood.
Team O'Neill Van
The Team O’Neill period correct surf van gets ready to leave Radwood.

Here’s the crazy clean DeLorean modified by Skip Hess that won best of show.

Skip Hess DeLorean
Winner of Best of Show was this DeLorean modified by Skip Hess back in 1982 and kept the same since parked at Radwood.

Supposedly one of two Ferrari F40’s that showed up was undeniably a show favorite. Here’s the rear decklid open showcasing its engine.

F40 engine
The rear decklid of a Ferrari F40 parked on the waterfront at Radwood.

I particularly liked this heavily modified Buick GNX that was pumping out jams from a boombox under its hood.

Buick GNX
A heavily modified Buick GNX parked near the water at Radwood.
A period correct stero AKA a boom box sitting in front of a Buick GNX at Radwood.

One of my favorites from the show was the Autozam AZ-1. The owner even let me sit in it. It’s quite snug for 5’8″ me but I can totally see myself whipping around in one of these.

Autozam AZ-1
An Autozam AZ-1 with its iconic gullwing doors showcased at Radwood.
Me in the Autozam AZ-1 with I don’t know what expression.

And here are the rest of the cars before this post gets too long to scroll!



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