This guy is quite possibly the dumbest individual to attend a car meet when he decided it was a good idea to fire his gun to simulate backfire.

A video surfaced earlier today (June 27, 2018) showing a guy firing a gun into a bunch of plants near his buddies Toyota Camry to simulate an exhaust backfiring. Details are scant at the moment but it looks like this video was shot and posted on an Instagram or Snapchat story where it was downloaded and shared on social media. Check out the video for yourself below.

In the eight-second clip, we can see a man being filmed strategically out of frame brazenly firing his gun into a bunch of potted plants. And if you’re wondering if the gun has live bullets, yes it does. You can see the plants moving as the bullets fly into the dirt.

No offense to the car meet but judging by the caliber of the three cars in the frame it looks like this was one of those small impromptu car meets in the middle of a shopping mart parking lot on a weekday. Maybe it’s just a gathering of friends that happen to like cars parked and hanging out.

Nevertheless, there’s no situation where you need to fire a gun in public unless your life or the lives of your loved ones are in immediate danger.

Stupidly enough the person filming wasn’t smart enough to blur out the plates on the Toyota Camry so if the police wanted to lookup the address of this Camry’s owner, they could. From their, it’s just a hop, skip, and jump away from the person that fired that gun.

Car meets, even when it’s with your friends, should be courteous to the people around them. Not acting like a total idiot is just common sense. Firing a gun is crossing the line and then some.

Keep an eye on this article as I’ll dig into this video a little more to see if I can come up with an update.


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