I had so much fun shooting RADwood Norcal last year with a Gameboy Camera, I bought another GBC and shot twice as many photos!

Readers of my blog know that last year I took my Game Boy Camera to document last year’s RADwood. But, with only 30 shots per camera cartridge, I had to really choose what I shot. This year, not so much since I brought another camera to shoot.

For those not familiar with the Game Boy Camera, released in 1998, the cartridge camera accessory for the Game Boy can take .014 MP black and white digital images. It’s a rad camera for a rad car show.

My Gameboy Advance and two Game Boy Cameras. I’ve had the red one for years but the blue one I just got a few days ago

To transfer the photos, I didn’t use some fancy transfer cable, it was just like last year, literally me with an iPhone in a dark room snapping and cropping. In my opinion, the results look just as good as the ones I’ve seen transferred via a special cable but I digress.

2019’s NorCal show marks three years at Oyster Point Marina, an ideal setting in my opinion for a car show. Although there were plans to relocate, I’m glad Radwood organizers returned this year anyways.

What Radwood Norcal looks like under “the shade” of a business park building looming in the rear
A view of the Marina, that white spec in the middle is a boat. While I took this photo, this boat made sure we all knew it was there as it blew its foghorn quite liberally.
@DJWyze1 made sure there were plenty of rad beats filling the air the whole time.
More than half a dozen Nissan R32’s showed up at Radwood
This IRL fitness instructor was decked out in Honda riding shorts incl. full Honda riding gear on his CBR. He ended up winning “Best Outfit” of the entire show!
This is what he looks like in full color since a Game Boy Photo doesn’t do justice to his outfit.

Since I could take a couple more photos, here are some dogs.

I really thought that I’d end up shooting a few more artistic shots but since there were so many neat cars, it was pretty overwhelming so I went on a spree, pressing “A” on my Game Boy Advance SP at every car that seemed remotely interesting, which is pretty much all cars that showed up. Here are my favorite ones.

A rare imported R33 makes its way through the Radwood crowd

There were no shortages of Nissan GT-R’s at the show, so much so that even I was somewhat jaded seeing this R33 drive by.

But there was one Skyline that caught my eye, this NA Nissan Skyline GTE sedan with an RB20E, the second to smallest motor Nissan offered on this particular generation. With a four-speed automatic, the owner told me he has to floor it to really overtake on the freeway. Most importantly, this Skyline’s a sedan.

Sidebar, according to Super Street, a Skyline sedan is the gentleman’s choice. “Otoko no Yonmai.” Translated, it means “A man’s four-door” but is interpreted as “four doors are for real men.”

There was no shortage of rad vans this year. Here’s two Toyota Van’s and a Westfalia with an erect pop-up tent.

I don’t know why I took so many photos of this cute two-stroke Trabant, but here you go. There was no denying where it was because a plume of blue smoke followed the coupe everywhere.

A crowd favorite was this Pristine Buick Regal restored to factory-fresh condition despite 131,000+ miles on the odometer

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer
Jurassic Park Ford Explorer
One of two Acura NSX’s in the world with a BMS Aero Kit
A small crowd admires this BSM Aero NSX
An Exocet
Exocet from the rear
S. SF PD Brought out their sweet C3 Corvette police car
S.SF Police Logo
This Lincoln Mark VII looked like it rolled off the factory floor
ATS Garage brought out there EF build.
Mugen RNR’s
Period Correct Mugen CRX with those iconic CF-48 radiator wheels
A handful of Buick Regal Grand Nationals
Buick Regal Grand National Logo
Second-gen Ford Escort Hatch
A minty first-gen Ford Taurus SHO
Land Cruiser with full camping accouterment
This is a camping stove next to the Land Cruiser if it wasn’t clear

This trio of photos from the awards ceremony wraps up this post.

Radwood Norcal is always a blast and, despite the heat beaming down on everyone, I can’t wait to return for 2020’s show.

Here’s the rest of the photos from my Game Boy Camera that made the cutting room floor.

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