Instagram users looking for clout are sitting in the middle of busy streets, posing for the perfect shot with cars whizzing by them at 45 MPH.

Taking selfie-style photos in streets isn’t anything new and has been a thing probably long before smartphones, but there’s a new trend on Instagram that takes the street selfie up a notch. It’s called the “In-Street selfie” and you don’t wait until there aren’t any cars around, no, you or your friend takes a selfie of you in the middle of a scenic street while cars whiz by you.

Check out the video procured from comedic genius David Spade’s Instagram stories where he shows a gaggle of teenagers almost get hit by cars while they take in-street selfies.

In the video above, we see a handful of teenagers taking turns shooting smartphone photos of themselves in the middle of what’s presumably a Beverley Hills, Calif. street. Cars aren’t to be avoided here, they’re actually part of the photo.

You’d think the cars would stop with a bunch of kids in the middle of the road but I can only guess they’re used to a bunch of teens with harebrained ideas like this.

Beverly Hills, one of the most iconic places in California, is chock full of Instagram worthy locations. Streets pristine, well-kept front yards, and most importantly, streets lined with Palm Trees and it’s no wonder teens flock to these streets to almost get hit by cars.

Here’s a random Beverly Hills street off Google Maps, very scenic.

And here’s just a couple of Instagram photos I found sorting by most recent tagged with Beverly Hills.

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Enjoy the moment 😎🌴🇺🇸 #LA

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I understand why these types of photos are so popular. Los Angeles’s straight streets lined with palm trees adds depth and symmetry to any photo. It’s an aesthetically pleasing photo and low-hanging fruit.

But, for G-d’s sake, don’t take a street selfie with cars whizzing by, it’s just common sense.

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