This shocking hit and run video is making the rounds taken from somewhere in Newcastle, UK.

There’s more action in less than 40 seconds in this short video than in a Jason Statham film. According to presumably Newcastle resident Chris Stott, some shocking footage from this weekend (July 28, 2019) shows an extreme case of hit and run where this hot hatch attempts to run down both a man and woman hellbent on unleashing their wrath on the driver and passenger.

Click here to see the original video for yourself. 

If you’re not on Facebook, someone’s linked a sharable video in the comments I’m also posting below.

Information, like a lot of these videos I come across, is few and far between so I don’t have much of any back story. But, a woman hitting another man’s property usually deserves it and is a tale as old as time.

From what I can gather in the comments is that the man and woman outside of the car are a couple. One of the two in the car threw an insult at the girlfriend which pissed her off so much that she literally took off her shoe in trying to break the other car’s windshield.

Automotive glass is some tough stuff so it’s not like a high-heel would actually do any good although I’ve seen some viral photos of a heel in a windshield somewhere on the internet before.

In an attempt to huff it, the car speeds off almost running over the couple.

It’s a s****y situation all the way around. You can’t blame the driver attempting to flee. No one wants their car damaged. Then again, you can’t outright bulldoze people on your way out.

Supposedly no charges are being filed by either party since its, at heart, a personal matter.

Nothing wrong per say with exacting your revenge on someone. Just know that when you’re up against a car, it’s usually one-sided if a situation goes awry.

Do you have the back story on this video? Let me know in the comments below!

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