Would you like to make your wheezer of a 190E harder to park while improving your rivet nut installation skills? Rocket Bunny by Pandem has the aero kit for you.

Trakyoto Rocket Bunny by Pandem has a knack for printing money, thousands at a time, and now it’s got a new way to ruffle feathers and rouse the euro-loving rabble dragons that prefer to keep their Mercedes-Benz 190E’s as pristine as possible. As per Pandem on their Instagram post earlier this week (Oct. 23, 2018) they’ve got something up their sleeves for SEMA 2018,a rivet nut special Rocket Bunny Aero Kit for the aforementioned 190E. Check out their post below but you can already imagine what it looks like before I even show you.

As per usual, this rendering shows us your bog-standard Mercedes 190E sedan with front splitter supported by two connecting rods, a medium over-sized front fender, matching side skirts, and a pair of honking rear fenders that I presume allows a tire size beyond a 245 width, the absolute maximum you can get away with stock fenders.

This turns your stock 190E into a cartoonish looking sedan ready to win best in fitment Euro Class at your next Wekfest pre-meet.

A look at this hashtags reveals this sedan’s going to be running on airbags so mad stance is a flip of a switch away.

Pandem has not revealed pricing but looking at the cheaper and similarly vintaged aero kits like the BMW E30 package, this aero kit should run you about $3,000. That includes a front lip, fenders, side skirts, duck tailwind, and all the hardware.

It isn’t particularly bad looking, in my opinion, it’s just that it’s so played out, not original, and super predictable. Nonetheless, it’s these exact characteristics that rub people the wrong way, which is exactly what some people who modify their cars want to do.

So, if you’re looking for the easiest and relatively cheapest ways to stir the pot at your next Euro meet, bookmark Pandem USA’s page for pre-order information.


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