If you’re looking for a fun, reliable, and inexpensive way to get around the streets of Los Angeles, it would behoove you to visit Electra Meccanica’s EV store in Studio City, Calif.

Drive down Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, Calif and you’ll most likely drive by a car dealership with some interesting transportation options that might catch your eye. As per KTLA reporters earlier this week (Oct. 25, 2018) a visit to 11685 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, Calif was in order to check out Electra Meccanica’s first US dealership. Their main offering, the one Electra Meccanica hopes to sell thousands a year, is the Solo, a three-wheeled EV with 100 miles of range that costs only $16,000. Check out their news segment below.

Here’s the tail of the tape. Powering this solo is a single electric motor capable of 82 HP and 140 lb-ft tied to a 16.1 kWh lithium-ion battery. That’s more than enough to propel this EV up to 60 MPH in just eight seconds and up to its 82 MPH top speed. Charging time takes between three to six hours depending on if you’re charging on a regular plug or 220 volts. Total range is just 100 miles.

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For a three-wheeled vehicle, there’s just something that makes me smile when I see it. Up front, it’s styled a lot like a regular car, and, unlike the other three-wheeled vehicle that’s grabbing all the headlines for no good reason (coughEliocough) the two front wheels have real-deal fenders that extend out from the hood.

Speaking of the hood, underneath the front is where you’ll be storing whatever you plan to carry. Looking at the Solo above, you can fit more than a couple bags of groceries, an overnight bag, or a suitcase with room to spare.

Outback, it’s very utilitarian looking. A faux rear window gives some semblance of normality when viewed from behind, two rear tail lights jut from the sides for safety and the center high mount stop light assembly has its little home underneath the rear spoiler of sorts.

This is not your primary car by any means but it is a great second car. Let’s face it, the majority of people in Los Angeles commute by themselves. You can have your weekend car that takes you on long trips but for everyday commutes, this is perfect. With go-kart-like handling. instant torque, and no gas station fill-ups to mess with, dare I say you might find it preferable over a full-sized car.

And since it’s a single seater, it’s a great excuse to not carpool. “Sorry, Patricia, I can’t pick you up, I’m in my Solo!” But, as the KTLA reporter points out, If you’re going out on a date, you’ll have to get an Uber/Lyft/Bird Scooter.

I wish I lived closer to Studio City, I live at least seven hours away. But, if you’re in the area, go ahead and give them a visit, take a Solo out for a test drive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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