If you’re looking for a cheap way to get into an SRT Viper for not a lot of dough, get a broker and look no further.

Update 11/14/2018 – I was getting some traffic from YouTube and it looks like these guys bought this TA Viper. Coincidentally, I came across an old Motor Trend Magazine (the paper kind..remember those? lol) and their article on how the TA Viper came to be is super interesting if y’all want to read it, it’s worth the 5 min read, imo.

TL;DR – ZR1 beats Viper at Laguna Seca. Ralph Gilles, the head of SRT, is pissed. Goes back to the drawing board and the TA Viper is born.

There are few cars that are as American and swimming with power like the SRT Viper. But at a starting MSRP of around $88,000, that’s left most car enthusiasts looking in the used car market to scratch that Viper itch. While I was scrolling through Copart (Oct. 30, 2018) after looking at a wrecked low-mileage ZR1 that also crashed and was being auctioned off, low and behold I came across something long, bright, and orange, this slightly damaged 2014 SRT Viper TA with handful of miles on the odometer. 

Wanting to know the story behind this somewhat wrecked American snake, and with a GRIDLIFE banner (a multi-day car festival at a racetrack that’s grown in popularity over the years) on the windshield, naturally, the keywords “Wrecked+Viper+Gridlfe” unearthed what should be the story.

Scroll through the gallery below!


It looks like this particular Viper is a coveted Track Attack (or Time Attack) Viper. That means above the standard Viper gear you also got special Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, sportier dampers, stiffer springs, stiffer anti-roll bar front and back, a high camber alignment, reworked rotors, a CF engine-bay brace, and a rear spoiler. That adds another $32K to that MSRP. Not to mention, that bright orange paint job. It’s a looker and this Viper TA presumably goes like stink.

As per the owner from Drive Viper.com where I found out the story about this crash,

I did attend gridlife time attack and that particular day there were a lot of accidents with fluid everywhere on the track at Road Atlanta. Unfortunately I caught fluid and shot me up turn 2 into the wall. I was depressed for a bit about the accident and the car was deemed a total loss and so you guys will see it on a copart auction.
I actually just purchased another viper and will post details of it soon. It’s almost a similar car.

Currently, the bid is at $28,250 with the sale date yet to be determined. It’s a pure sale so that means that whatever the final bid is, is what it sells for, no minimum bid or reserve required.

The damage doesn’t look too bad at first glance and everything I can see with the naked eye looks repairable. The real kicker will be if there’s frame damage, which would make repair costs shoot up considerably and would push this Viper from “bid” to “No go.”

If it hovers around that bid price and doesn’t change to much, it’ll be the cheapest someone’s ever got a Viper with all 640 HP and 600 lb-ft for.

Source: Copart


  1. it seems that the goonzcuad boys bought it, I think they are interested in knowing who was the owner and the history of the car

    • Nice! Well, hopefully, they’ll be happy to know that the previous owner seems like a standup guy and there’s no, for the lack of a better term, bad juju with this car. Just a simple accident on a racetrack with no one hurt.


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