There are some car videos on the internet where you FEEL what they’re feeling, that intense rush of power and all. This is one of them.

First of all, Nico Rosberg has a Youtube channel? You bet he does. I, for one, am surprised I haven’t heard about his video uploads, with his first video being a rally duel in the snow between himself and his Dad Keke. Good on Nico for having the foresight to upload his videos on Youtube so early before Youtube really became a thing. As per Nico Rosberg and his official Youtube earlier this week (Nov 5,2018) he uploaded a video of himself really manhandling a Porsche 918, a car that presumably he’s never been able to fully explore before, until now.

Check out that amazing bit of video below.

First off, let’s get one thing clear. Nico Rosberg is one of the world’s best drivers at the moment, bar none. Although he retired, the man won a Formula 1 championship, a feat literally only a handful of men have won. Therefore, when I watch this video, my mind is telling me that these reactions are truly genuine. The man’s got some credentials behind his reactions.

That being said, this video is such a roller coaster of emotions. Rosberg first starts off with launch control.  Here’s the quick tale of the tape. 884 HP and 940 lb-ft, ya, that much torque should be illegal. In something that weighs just 3,602 pounds dry, that’s a lot of power. 60 MPH is here in just 2.8 seconds, that’s almost all-electric quick, except this supercar has the top end gearing.

“This is crazy this thing, it’s completely nuts.I was properly shocked myself. It launches like an F1 car, same speed…

It just revs all the way to 10,000 RPM, it wants. Spectacular.

You know this car is something special when Rosberg literally has to compose himself about a third of the way through the video so he can drive safely.

The rest of the video is a masterclass in car control.

I hope Rosberg uploads more reaction videos like this in the feature because they are really fun to watch.


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