So there’s that Honda S2000 on Bring A Trailer that sold for $48,000, way more than it ever sold for, but what about the cheapest Honda S2000 for sale. Welp, I found one.

I’ve found earlier today (Nov. 9, 2018) what represents the cheapest Honda S2000 for sale at the moment, this 2003 S2000 in Hollywood with close to 190,000 miles for just $8499, a whole lot cheaper than that one on Bring A Trailer.

The Honda S2000 is already a classic in its own right, just eleven years since the last one rolled off the assembly line. As such, the used market is heating up for one. Yesterday, I blogged about the one that sold on Bring A Trailer for a $48,000. My gosh, that’s a lot of coin for what amounts to a RWD Honda with a four banger. Don’t get mad at me, those are the facts! Ok, so what if I really wanted an S2000 on the low-low but don’t want to pay museum quality prices. What if high-mileage and a couple of dings and dents are OK, what could I find? Here it is.

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My criteria for a used Honda S2000 are pretty simple, there can’t be any engine or frame damage of any kind, that’s presuming that each used listing is 100 percent honest, which is probably not the case, but I have a good feeling about this one.

This one is listed for sale for $9,000 but it’s OBO so I bet I can easily knock $500 off, thus $8499. His story seems honest enough, although its high mileage, the pictures look copacetic AKA everything checks out. The reason he gives for letting this one go is that he just bought a Honda Civic Type R so we can safely assume he’s a Honda enthusiast, someone who takes care of their cars.

If I was going to buy this car myself, I would bring it to a trusted shop for one of those 100 plus multi-point inspections where they check EVERYTHING; engine compression, vehicle history, signs of frame damage, signs of body panel damage etc. It has to check out. After all, used cars with this type of mileage are a huge risk, but then again, it’s a Honda!

So, if you’re wanting to get into a used Honda S2000 as of this writing and are willing to let some things slide, you can get into one for under $10,000 easy.

By the way, I found a handful of S2000’s under $9,000 but they looked really shady, skimped on the description, admitted to minor frame damage (which is probably major) and the price was suspicious too low. If you have a bad feeling about ANY used car, run away.

This Honda S2000, however, seems OK.

Source: Craigslist


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