Toyota certainly didn’t have to gift Nurse Allyn Pierce a new truck for his bravery but they’re doing it anyway.

If you’re a Californian, the past few days have been an absolute nightmare as people have been uprooted out of their homes as fires ravage their communities from all sides. But, with all tragedies, heroes are born and Nurse Allyn Pierce was definitely one of them. Even though his Toyota Tundra was literally burnt on all sides, Nurse Pierce drove his Tundra through the fire, back to his post where he and countless numbers of nurses, doctors, and medical professionals assisted those that were left behind in Paradise, Calif.

Nurse Allyn Pierce is OK, but, he lost his home and although his Toyota Tundra still runs and drives, the exterior suffered some serious fire damage.

To say thank you, Toyota USA is gifting him a new Toyota Tundra to replace the one he lost. Check out the amazing story on Twitter below!


I can only imagine how Nurse Allyn Pierce felt as he thought his life was going to end, and then when he had the opportunity to save himself, decided to help others.

Reading dozens of stories of bravery these past few days I know most of these amazing people say, “I was just doing my job, I’m no hero, it’s what we do.” But on the contrary, they all are heroes the moment they risk their own life to save someone else. If that’s not the definition of a hero, I don’t know what is.

And to Toyota, thanks for being an outstanding example of a way to spread that little bit of good cheer in some truly depressing times. I know some people will say this is a publicity stunt and all but I say it’s setting an example of how other corporations can think of helping in their own way if they can.

If you’re inspired by this story and do want to give, the Pierce family did lose their house and are accepting donations through their GoFundMe below.

Hats off to you, Toyota.

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  1. Paulo,

    Your article starts “If you’re a Californian….” I am indeed a Californian. I used to live in Chico, very close to the fire.

    And like most Californian’s, I am not directly impacted by the fire. In fact, your article gives the impression that the whole state is burning. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Very little of the state is actually burning. As a percentage of the state, very few people are endangered , very few homes destroyed, etc.

    So, please. A little more geography research first.



    • That is true, Ed.

      I live in the San Joaquin Valley and although I’m not directly impacted, even I personally know at least one friend suffering as he continues classes at CSU Chico. I’m 200 miles away and the air is affecting everyone in my surrounding community. I’ve opted for a gym membership to continue exercising so I’d say the fire has affected me in some small way and I count myself fortunate that there’s a gym nearby I can use, some don’t have that luxury.

      So, true, very little of the state is burning but I’d bet that the majority of California is suffering, only if its some bad air, not to mention the thousands of firefighters with families scattered throughout the state, the medical personal, police etc.

      • Not sure why everyone thinks ed is the villain here. I’m sure he feels terrible for those who are affected, his comment was simply pointing to the relative scale of where this is categorized
        with regards to humanity in general. I.e. the plague vs wildfires,…etc.

        I’d personally like to say, and I’m probably not the minority in doing so, that your comment is unnecessary and self centered. People are losing their homes, and lives, but I’m just so sorry to hear about the inconveniences to your workout routine and budget.

    • It’s disappointing that a writer trying to use a ‘unifying voice’ in a positive story about a horrible natural disaster still manages to find someone that wants to get all ‘hot under the collar’ about semantics and geography. The Northern California wildfire is now the most deadly and destructive wildfire in state history all while another fire burns in the southern part of the state causing evacuations and loss of life. These come on the heels of three major fires in the last 11 months: in Napa/Sonoma (4th deadliest and 2nd most destructive yet), Ventura/Santa Barbara (3rd largest), and more recently the Shasta/Trinity fires that were the 7th most destructive and 14th deadliest in state history. Anyone with some geographical knowledge would recognize those span the state of California. Given that, it’s safe to say the majority of Californians have been and are currently affected in some way, shape, or form. The pedantry simply isn’t necessary or appropriate in this context. That being said, I’m grateful you were not directly impacted.

    • Right, so if only few dozen people died in the fires than there is nothing to talk about. A story about a man risking his life to save others and that being rewarded is unworthy of attention.
      Gotcha, Eat a dick, Ed

  2. Got to give it up to the engineering and development that goes into cars and tires. Because you can’t pray your ass out of the fire.

  3. Great story. Toyota builds a great truck, I’m on my second. I wish they hadn’t taken all credit. Those aren’t OEM tires and they took the time to poorly airbrush the branding out of the photo.

  4. Im not, nor have I ever been from Cali. Surprisingly considering, none the less this news doesnt just affect cali it affects everyone. The end of the day we are all neighbors. We are to help each other. To Allyn from nurse to nurse, sweet ass job! Way to run a ED call for sure!! Hats off to you! Congrats on new truck well earned it!!! Good luck w house. Will be adding funds. The amount asked for seems off. House is gone so are clothing n furntiure. Hope all donations help take the burden off you and your family God bless.


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