Elon Musk oftentimes drops pop culture references that seem to resonate with his demo and this Monty Python reference has me in stitches!

Watchtowers, they are a low-cost way to monitor a wide area of your property given you hire some competent guards. As per Elon Musk in a tweet he sent out earlier today (Nov. 15,2018) the Boring Company, that side hustle Musk’s got going on that brought us the Not A Flamethrower, and one-mile long Los Angeles tunnel, is building a security tower and they need to put two guards in it. Musk seems to be in a pretty good mood today because he’s been dropping replies and some of the most hilarious tweets this week, a lot of them referencing Monty Python, which is always something worth referring to.

If you’re wondering what Elon Musk is refrencing when he asks about a knight that can hurl insults in a French accent, allow me to introduce you to the timeless British comedic classic, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

Early on in the film, God speaks to Arthur and tasks him to find the Holy Grail AKA the cup Jesus used during the last supper. Instead of going to Camelot, Arthur sets off to other places and comes across a French occupied castle where they’re greeted by this watchman. Here’s a video I found on Youtube which shows that scene.

The Frenchman, played by John Cleese, throws some of the best insults in movie history; such classics like when he’s asked what he’s doing in England, he replies with, “Mind your own business!”

Mind you, Musk was tweeting these replies minutes before one of his Falcon 9 Rockets took off and landed.

Source: Elon Musk via Twitter


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