Eventually, Avon Commons management will have to haul these boulders away or put up a warning sign near them to warn motorists.

Update- Avon Commons removed the rock and Clevland’s mayor even made an official pardon.

When I first came across this Facebook post, I thought these random suburbanites where showing off the sweet articulation and rock crawling capabilities of their mall crawlers but such was not the case. As per Facebook user and presumably Avon, Ohio resident Tim Deditch and his post earlier yesterday (Nov. 19, 2018) there are a couple of decorative rocks at this popular shopping center that is keeping the local auto body shop in business.

By the looks of things, people aren’t paying attention when they make that first right turn into Avon Commons parking lot and are beaching their cars on these decorative stones. Check out the photos below. Mirror here, just in case. 

Thanks to Google Maps, I’m able to share the exact location of where these rocks are. It looks like the Google Maps cwere was able to navigate this precarious parking lot without causing damage to their own cars.

The Google Maps car couldn’t have chosen a better time to drive by these stones as particularly during this time of the day, the tree is obscuring these stones with shade. The rest of the time I can only guess shoppers are making a mad dash to the nearest parking spot and fail to see the large boulder before them. And, because of the way the rock is shaped, it doesn’t help that it’s sloped.

Imagine, the horror of driving along and suddenly finding yourself two feet in the air with the hood of your (insert mall crawler car of choice here) pointed towards the sky.

These decorative rocks are absolute units and I can only guesstimate they weigh in the neighborhood of 1.5 tons or more, which is probably why no one has moved these rocks, they’re heavy and literally a pain in the neck to get out of there.

So, if you’re headed to your next Black Friday shopping splurge this coming day after Thanksgiving, watch out for these rocks when you speed through, they’re sitting their waiting for their next victim.

Source: Facebook



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