A recent Black Friday deal on Goodyear Viva 3 tires at Walmart caught my attention but it’s a good thing I did NOT pull the trigger on these tires because apparently, they are awful.

If there are two things you don’t want to cheap out on it’s tires and shoes, at least that’s what my old Chinese college mate used to say, something about these two things being the connection between you and the earth. It sort of makes sense though, good tires and shoes can affect your life in a profound way. But, being me, I also love a good deal. So when I saw that I can get (4) brand new tires out the door for just $120 thanks to a $20 off/tire Black Friday deal, no strings attached, I immediately got hyped until better sense got the best of me, there HAS to be a catch, and there is. As per literally hundreds of people who’ve owned these tires before, they are absolute garbage.

Here’s Goodyear’s official listing for the Viva 3’s if you’d like to take a look at it, it’s a very good looking tire and has all the right advertised marks for the consumer; quiet, long-lasting, and durable but it is none of these three.

First, the good, if there’s anything. They are cheap tires, that’s for sure. Regularly priced at $59 a piece, there are few tires at this price point in so many sizes made by an American manufacturer. Goodyear is a multi-national corporation and although they have manufacturing facilities in other countries like Brazil, Chile, and Columbia, Goodyear Viva 3 tires are made in the United States of America. I found a photo online of one and it says “Made in USA.”


But, other than that good piece of news, it’s all downhill from there.

Thankfully, Wal-Mart does not filter bad reviews from its website so even the bad reviews are left on these tires. Googling around, there are other people who’ve complained about Viva 2 tires, the progenitor to Viva 3 tires, so I thought the most recent Viva 3 tires would be much better, but even the newest reviews from purchasers on and elsewhere online all say that these tires are garbage for numerous reasons.

Goodyear warranties the Viva 3 for up to 60,000 miles but according to people who’ve purchased these tires they DO NOT last long, at all. One writer over at Oppositetalk found out that his Viva 3 tires, meticulously cared for with rotations and good tire pressures, found out his Viva 3’s only last 20,000 miles, for less than the warrenty says they should last.

The same story is on with reviews like,

“The tires ride nice but only lasted 28,000 miles despite the 60,000 rating. We checked the alignment to make sure it was not the fault of the car. In the end, the tires only last 1/2 as long as they are rated.” – Nov 2,2018

“Doesn’t last. got 16,225 miles and in bad need of repair. the car was lined up. tires pull to the right still.” Nov 9,2018

” I don’t see getting 60,000 as advertised being a softer tire. But I always say Goodyears are good for a year. Be sure to keep up on tire rotations to make them last. ” Oct 30, 2018

So, while these tires may be cheap, they will have to be changed in less than two years assuming you drive like the normal American. Not good, Goodyear.

Then there’s the fact that a lot of these tires are out of balance. Reviews like the ones below really make you question how these tires are made.

“I bought a set of 4 of these October 2016 and when I left the store I checked the air pressure with a professional gauge and all four had different pressures from 32 to 46 PSI. One tire never would hold air, have to check it every week. I was an automotive service manager for 21 years and I always put 35 PSI in my tires. It is now September 2018 and the tires are at the wear bars with 20,000 miles on them, and they are rotated every 5 thousand miles. These tires make noise also. I don’t want another set of Goodyear again.” Sept 11,2018 

“The tire is making a whap-whap-whap-whap (Thumping) sound as I drive. I’ve brought the car at Walmart and after so call inspection and rebalance the technician swear there’s nothing wrong with it, but admit it’s making the noise. At first, It’s impossible to ignore and it frustrates me. The car was really great before, but now it makes that noise and is slowly driving me nuts. If I could do it over again I would buy anything else.” Sept 6, 2018

Notice the dates, again, I haven’t cherry-picked these reviews as they are literally on the first two pages of reviews sorted by Most Recent.

Other reviews point out that these tires are super loud, much louder than their old setup. In addition, these tires are prone to blowouts thanks to what some people refer to as “thinner materials” compared to other tires.

Don’t get me wrong, out of the 595 reviews, 325 gave Viva 3 five out of five stars but 104 gave one star, so, you have to question just how good these tires really are and if those 325 people KNOW about tires.

The truth is that these are Walmart exclusive tires meaning only Walmart sells them, they have an agreement with Goodyear, and no self-respecting tire shop probably wanted to carry these tires. Goodyear and Walmart probably came up with a tire formula that’s “Good enough” for the average Walmart shopper where it’s not “terrible-terrible,” should be profitable in volume, and will do for day-to-day driving. Sure, Viva 3’s will hold air and are mostly round but the discerning tire shopper who actually cares about tires should stay far, far away from these Walmart specials.

In short, Viva 3’s are cheap for a reason and you should NOT buy these tires. Hankook, Kumho, Falken, Nitto, and even Nankang have slightly more expensive choices for the budget consumer but without the bad reviews. The Falken Ziex, Nankang CX668, and the Kumho Solus come to mind.

$120 might sound like a deal but you’re paying $120 to give yourself a future headache.


  1. Goodyear viva 3 radial tires f****ING suck!!! Worst tires I ever had , you can not keep the d**n things balanced, they are out of round therefore you can never keep the viva 3 balanced they will shake the h*ll out of your car from 40 mph to 70 mph plus. Walmart tire tech in montecallo Arkansas lied to me saying I had a knot on one of my yires which he could not physically show me. Then he stated that the Goodyear viva 3 radial was all they had the size I needed to fit my car. Like a fool I fell pray and bought the damn things. I was 4 hours from home and did not want to take a chance blowing out a tire. Goodyesr viva 3 radial tires is garbage and will tear your car up if you run thr damn things very long. I have a 44,000 dollar car , dont let them walmart flunkies lie to you and sell you thoes pieces of shit. Walmart will not hold up to the warranty. I bought the full road hazzard warranty. The Walmart flunkie tech basically told me to f**k off. Stay far far away from Goodyear Viva 3 radial tires. Walmart is the only one who even sells them made exclusive for walmart only , a money maker for goodyear and walmart off rhe backs of hard working people. The only good thing I can say about Goodyear Viva 3 radials is they are made in America. I removed them and replaced them with Cooper cs5 grad touring radials and my shake stopped.


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