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Americus Tires

Who makes Americus tires and are they any good?

Here's why Americus tires are the smart, value-priced choice shopping for your car, CUV & off-road vehicle. Americus Tires is a sub-brand of tire of...
Solarus AS

Are Starefire Solarus AS tires any good even though they are so cheap?

Compared to some OEM options, the Starfire Solarus AS tire costs half as much, but are they worth the cost savings? Earlier this month I...

Are Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires any good even though they’re so...

Don't confuse these Cinturato P7s for the newer, more expensive Cinturato P7 All Season Plus IIs. Walmart currently has a decent sale on the...

Who makes Starfire tires and are they any good?

Proudly made in the USA with American-engineering at a decent price, it's one of a handful of value-brands still made in America Starfire Tires is...

Who makes Triangle tires and are they any good?

Would it surprise you to learn Triangle tires probably have been making tires long before you were even born? Triangle Tires is a mainly...

Who makes Delinte tires and are they any good?

With over 11 years of tire making experience, Delinte tires is a brand committed to the American market Delinte Tires is a mid-tier Chinese tire...

Did this woman really sand her tires so they ride smoother & look better?

A popular photo on Twitter is floating around from a lady bragging that she shaved her tires because she likes the looks and they...
Westlake Tires

Who makes Westlake Tires and are they any good?

If you're wondering if Westlake Tires are worth your hard-earned dollars, here's why Westlake tires are probably a good investment if you're the budget...
Nankang NS-25

Review: Are Nankang NS-25 tires any good?

Here's what I think about Nankang NS-25 tires after spending a week driving a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu with these on all four corners. If you've...
Presa Tires

Who makes Presa tires and are they any good?

Presa Tires is one of at least four tire brands owned by Cheng Shin Rubber, a Taiwanese Tire company. With wholesale tire companies importing and...
Barum Brilliantis 2

Who makes Barum Tires and are they any good?

If you're wondering if you should pull the trigger on a set of Barum Tires, you probably should and here's why. Who makes Barum Tires? Barum...
Jinyu Tires

Who makes Jinyu Tires and are they any good?

Here's who makes Jinyu Tires, their product lineup, and our opinion if they're any good. Quick Facts Name Jinyu Tires Founded: 1995 Country of Origin: China Factories (where your...
GLE Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires from Mississippi now standard on $56,200 2020 Mercedes GLE

Cooper Tires is now an official OEM tire supplier for the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE. If you wanted further proof that the Mercedes-Benz GLE is more...
Advan V701's

Advan Fleva V701’s introduced to US tire Market, replaces the discontinued S-Drive

If you want a Yokohama Advan tire but don't want the track ready harshness from one of Advan's other offerings, the Fleva V701 might...
Federal Tires "Made for America"

Don’t be bamboozled: No, Federal Tires are not made in America

Federal Tires now has these new "Made for America" stickers betting you'll misread that as "Made IN America" but you're smarter than that. It's come...
Sidewall indentation

I found a crease or fold on my tire sidewall. Is it still safe...

If you're concerned about that crease or what looks like a fold on the side of your tire sidewall, I have some good news...

Are Goodyear Wrangler Trailmark tires good even though they’re so cheap?

Walmart has a rollback sale on Goodyear Wrangler Trailmark tires, starting at $90 a tire but are they any good? If you own a Jeep...

Who makes Federal 595RS-R and 595RS-RR tires & are they as good as people...

Federal 595RS-R and 595 RS-RR are one of the most affordable ultra-high performance tires on the market that, frankly, have other 200 treadwear tire...
Definity Tires

Who makes Definity Tires and are they any good?

If you're wondering who makes Pep Boys Definity Tires and if you should purchase them, read on. So, you're shopping around for tires and have come...
Stranger buys Mom tires

Mom with toddler in tow gifted new tires from random stranger at tire store

When this Hemet, Calif. Mom came in for a flat repair, she knew she needed four new tires ASAP but couldn't afford them. She...