Here’s why Arroyo Tires are an excellent choice for your next replacement set.


If you’re on a budget and need new tires as soon as possible, shopping online or at your local tire shop and you’ll probably come across Arroyo tires, a brand you’ve probably never heard before.

Arroyo Tire’s 2022 lineup.

Here’s everything I could find on Arroyo tires, my general opinion of the brand, and if you should spend your hard earned money on a set of Arroyos.

Let’s get into it.

Arroyo Tires history

Arroyo Tires is a fairly new brand that, according to their trademark information, first appeared in American tire shops around 2016.

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Unlike other value tires like Leao Tire, a subsidiary of LingLong, Arroyo Tires is a private label brand.

There are some older search results that list Arroyo Tires headquarters as a private residence in Castaic, CA but their website says otherwise.

Arroyo Tires current HQ is listed at 4490 Ayers Ave, Vernon CA which happens to also be HQ for American Tire Depot which, is obviously no coincidence.

In addition, Arroyo Tires listed phone no. (562-340-6252) is associated with other Southern California-based wheel and tire companies including Dolce Wheels, Katana Wheels, KX Off-road wheels, Saffiro Tires, and Zestino Tires.

As for Arroyo Tires and what country they come from…

Arroyo Tires are made in Thailand.

Here’s a screenshot of a close-up of one of their Eco Pro tires.

Arroyo Tires are Made in Thailand

Pros (affordable, delivers on performance, warranty available)


Although the new kid on the block of the growing and popular value-tier tires, Arroyo Tires already offers a full suite of tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers to fit your needs.

Arroyo Tires offers a UHP, all-seasons, Eco tires, and tires for off-roaders, they’ve got their bases covered.

Arroyo Tires 2022 lineup

With that said, the biggest pro with Arroyo Tires has to be the price.

For example, one of Priority Tire’s best sellers is the Arroyo Grand Sport A/S in 235/55R20, a “high performance all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.”

You’ll find this tire size on Ford Explorers, Buick Enclaves, and Chevrolet Traverses, those large SUVs built for families.

On P.T., Arroyo Grand Sport A/S’s are $138.68 or $554.72 for a full set.

Head over to and the cheapest option in that same size are these Laufenn S Fit AS’s for $157.16 or $628.64 for a full set.

Laufenn, itself, is another value tire brand so, a full $74+ savings is huge between the two brands.


A cheap price without delivering on the basics (dry weather grip, decent grip in the rain, acceptable levels of noise, and a smooth ride) is meaningless.

The most popular Arroyo Tires seem to be the aforementioned Grand Sport A/Ss, Grand Sport 2, and the Arroyo Tamarock A/T.

My general opinion of Arroyo Tires will be based on what reviewers think of those three Arroyos.

From what I’ve read about these three specific tires, Arroyo Tire purchasers really like them, often surprised with how much bang they get for their buck.

“I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptic at first, buying a set of tires that literally cost 1/2 what the tires that they replaced, but I can say I am impressed,” says thatdudenamedRob, a 2015 Mazda 6 owner leaving a review on the Grand Sport A/S on, “I will definitely suggest these tires to others.”

“I love these tires,” says an Arroyo Grand Sport 2 reviewer on “Obviously I haven’t had a chance to drive many miles, but within that short time we had two different snow storms and some ice/sleet/freezing rain, so I was able to quickly discover how good they are. I highly recommend these tires.

“I just bought a new Ram 1500 and the tires that come on them are the wrangle sr-a and they are trash,” says Douglas Gray on his review of the Tamarock A/Ts on “I went out on a limb and bought these and we are currently getting hammered in upstate NY with a snow storm and roads where I live are not even plowed and let me tell you these tires were amazing no slip or slide. Absolutely love these tire.”

In fact, if you’re shopping for an AT, I encourage you to read the Tamarock A/T reviews on SimpleTire, the purchasers absolutely love them.


A red flag with a value tire, especially if it’s a private label, is an absence of a warranty.

Thankfully, Arroyo Tires has one, you just have to download their catalog to find it. (linked here.)

Arroyo Tires offers a Limited Tire Warranty that’s pretty basic, offering a Road Hazard Replacement warranty including a Tread Wear Mileage Warranty (how many miles listed in the chart below.)

Arroyo Tires limited mileage warranty

I’d confirm with wherever you bought Arroyo Tires what you have to do in order to qualify for a claim. Typically, you should keep your proof of purchase and document when you do tire rotations (since Arroyo does not list specifics, per your owners manual.)


As with most value tire brands, you can’t expect a Tier 1 tire level of performance from a private label like Arroyo Tires.

Temper your expectations when it comes to Arroyo Tires and you’ll probably be surprised just how good they turn out to be.

Relevant videos


I really dig Arroyo Tires.

Based on how they present themselves (a modern, responsive website, a professional looking catalog, and active, up-to-date social media accounts,) what tires they offer, and what Arroyo Tires purchasers are saying, they present themselves as an experienced tire company backed by a tire lineup that just plain delivers.

They know what many American tire shoppers want; a tire that delivers on the basics that does not break the bank.

Based on everything I found out about Arroyo Tires and what people think, I have few reservations (if any) recommending Arroyo Tires to you.

You should feel confident spending your hard-earned money on Arroyos the next time you need a replacement set.

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