Developers just dropped the latest update, version 0.1.4 for FR Legends and touge, along with a handful of other updates is now live.

Earlier last week I blogged that FR Legends developers were preparing a special Touge stage for the game and finally there update is live. As per Chen Jing on the official FR Legends Group Worldwide facebook group and on social media, they dropped the details on one of the best updates yet.

Check out their Instagram post below.


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Added in this update is

  • Touge mode
  • New control mode
  • New liveries
  • New Official Licensed VALINO tires
  • LHD/RHD conversion
  • Change your car’s name/move to another slot
  • Change your account’s Name(in the setting menu)
  • Zip ties repair
  • Battle rules tweaked

In addition, there were a few bug fixes.

FR Legends touge
FR Legends Touge is now available

As you can see in the screenshot, while Touge is technically available, it isn’t exactly free, you still need to spend $80,000 to unlock it so if you’re spending money and credits on unnecessary mods, you better get to competing, or you can sell a couple of cars.

Thankfully, there are a couple of people who’ve dropped the dough and can show us just how fun grip driving is. Check out a clip from FR Legends Daily which shows just how fun touge on Gunsai can be.


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I’m not going to say it looks easier than drifting since I haven’t actually played it myself but it I think it looks slightly more fun than drifting gameplay and might be an easier entry point for someone who just started playing to enjoy FR Legends.

I do hope the developers come up with an entry-level touge circuit so us fans of the game that, for the lack of a better term, suck at drifting, can at least enjoy a bit of grip.

More importantly, there’s an official Wiki for the game. You can check out the Wikia here. Lowkey this might be the most important update for the game since social media is flooded with questions all the time, finally, there’s one place you can point when someone has a question.

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