I’ve seen my fair share of kiss rejections thanks to YouTube and its endless amount of video suggestions but this, my friends, takes the cake!

51st Snowball Derby winner Noah Gregson may have won thee most prestigious late-model short track races on the calendar for 2018 but he took a major “L” when he tried his darndest to go in for the kiss after the trophy girl a.k.a 2018 Miss Snowball Derby handed him the winning cup. Although he “took his shot,” she rejected him on live television in one of the biggest swerves of 2018.

Check out the embarrassing video below! If that video’s down, some people in the UK already have a mirror for you to enjoy. 

The video above is what got people all hot under the collar because in this “me too” climate, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule and goes without saying that you do not, under any circumstances, go for an unsolicited kiss, cameras or no cameras.

But, like all stories, there’s what’s shown and there’s the truth. The model in question in this video is 2018 Miss Snowball Derby winner and representative Helena Ciappina, a half-french half-Italian model.


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If you see other videos online, she clearly says, “Do you get a kiss?” which, to any 20-year-old means exactly what it implies. Ciappina even lures him into the kiss by opening her mouth, which, at that point, is “hook line and sinker” for Gragson who falls for it while she goes for the head turn.

And, in this video below and other photos online, she does allow him to kiss her right after she swerves him.

It gets better, during post-race tech, media still hanging around caught the young Noah getting her phone number after, according to Matt Weaver, she asked for his number first.

And here we have those photos of Noah Gragson getting Helena Ciappina’s phone number.

And finally, later that night, young Gragson provided this update, a screenshot of his iPhone with a the start of a text message conversation between Gragson and Ciappina.

So, fellas, if you ever find yourself on a podium or winning something and are handed a trophy, don’t, under any circumstances, think it’s OK to land a wet one. Sure, she might actually like you, you might land her number and you two might hit it off later, but the internet will never forget that inital “L” when she brutally rejects you in front of everyone.

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