Sailun tires are made in China, are a Tier Three tire brand that focuses on price point rather than performance, and I feel comfortable recommending these tires to you.

Earlier this year I walked by some crossover I can’t remember because they all look the same and came across a Sailun Atrezzo tire. After doing a bit of research I found out that this tire is made by a larger Chinese conglomerate, has headquarters in China, and is one of the cheapest tires you can purchase for your car and SUV. I also found out that Sailun knows their tires are value branded, can’t perform as well as their competitors, and are counting on you to not know the difference between their tire and a premium tire.

If you are in the United States, CLICK HERE for their official U.S. website. 

Sailun Tires was established in 2002, and before that, they were making tire building equipment so naturally, they thought, “Hey, why don’t we also make and market our OWN tires.” In 2014, they merged with Jinyu Tires, another Chinese tire producer which also owns Black Lion (now known as Blackhawk,) and Rovelo Tires.

According to Tire, Sailun has three tire factories where your tire probably came from

Sailun has three plants; two located in Qingdao and Shenyang, China, with the third in Vietnam.

In the United States, Sailun Tires are sold and marketed under TBC Brands which has its headquarters in Florida. TBC Brands represents twelve other brands of Chinese Tires, acting as an intermediary between China and the United States to better facilitate dealer relationships, marketing aimed at the US Consumer, and dealing with possibilities in changing tariff agreements between the United States and China.

Currently in the United States, Sailun markets passenger, and light truck tires. Since Sailun cut its teeth on industrial, and commercial tires, I’d be willing to bet that their strengths lie in their Light Truck tires meant for SUVs, crossovers, and mid-sized trucks.

  • Passenger
    • Sailun INSPIRE
    • Altrezzo SH406
    • Atrezzo SVA1
  • Light Truck Tires
    • Atrezzo SVR LX+
    • TerraMax HLT
    • TerraMax A/T 4S

When looking for reviews of their latest tire offerings that are not written by some Robot, it looks like has some of the most honest looking reviews for Sailun Tires.

Here are some of the latest reviews for the Atrezzo SH406 passenger tire. 

July 11, 2018- 2.5 out of 5 stars – “Not the best tire in its class but not the worst either.”

October 26, 2017 – 5 out of 5 stars – “This is my second set of Sailun tires. They have been far better than I ever expected, especially for the price. The ride is excellent, they handle extremely well and are just as quiet if not more so than the Michelins they replaced. My Accord feels new again. If I even get close to 50k miles on them I will be sure to get another set. Underrated and great tires!!”

And most reviews I’ve seen for their passenger tires seem to echo these sentiments above, an OK tire replacement for your run of the mill Camry, Accord, and, Malibu but not exactly a top performer.

ThoughtCo wrote a piece on where Sailun sees themselves in the market, particularly when they highlighted a comparison tire test put on by Sailun pitting Sailun against more expensive competitors. What they found was that, in more words or less, Sailun tire buyers are not looking for the best tire but the one that’s ALMOST as good as the competition but for far cheaper.

Sailun’s intent was not to show that their tires were better than the comparatives, but that the 30 percent price difference between their tires and the Conti DWS was not matched by a similar difference in quality or handling.

As for their light truck tires, I found this video review on Youtube which seems to be an honest evaluation of one of their Sailun Terramax tires which, after 25,000 miles (about 40,000 KMs) seems to be holding up well.

Here’s a video review of their Terramax AT Tire where the reviewer was “so impressed” with these tires that he stopped in the middle of a snowstorm to make a video of them. Impressive.

This Youtube channel also has a couple other Sailun tire reviews with tires not sold in the United States but in Canada.

I feel pretty comfortable recommending Sailun tires to you if you’re considering pulling the trigger on these tires. I would probably be more confident recommending their Light Truck tires to you since, as mentioned, truck tires is where they got started.

But, like I said, Sailun is a  third-tier tire manufacturer so if you have some kind of high-performance sedan like a Cadillac CTS-V, BMW 3-Series, or Audi RS 5 Coupe, I would not recommend this tire for you as you’ll be probably disappointed with its performance in 9/10s and 10/10s situations.

Source: Sailun Tires


  1. I disagree that the Sailun Atrezzo SVA1 is “an OK tire replacement for your run of the mill Camry, Accord, and, Malibu but not exactly a top performer”. I put a set on my Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic Sport, and could not be more pleased with the performance. They out cornered the Michelin Pilot XDA’s they replaced, and while I try to avoid pot holes at all cost, it isn’t always possible. I give the sidewalls an A+ for strength an durability. The downside is the treadwear. I have 225 45 zr 17’s on the front, and 245 40 zr 17’s on the rear, making front to rear rotation impossible. After 25,000 miles, the rear tires have about 10,000 miles left on them, but the fronts are almost bald. This is not due to any suspension issues. In fact, I installed an adjustable front end kit on the Benz so it can be aligned (there is no adjustment possible stock). All wheel drive performance cars will wear the front tires out faster than the rears, so this is to be expected. As far as top speed, the tires are Z rated, but I haven’t had the car over 130 mph.. The tires are as stable at 130 as they are cruising along at 90 mph. With the Atrezzo SVA1’s on my Benz, I haven’t met a 35 mph curve yet the car can’t take at 70 mph+, and 100 mph is a breeze in 40 mph curves.

    If you are looking for a long lasting tire, the Sailun Atrezzo SVA1 probably isn’t for you. If you are looking for a street legal, standard highway tire that offers exceptional grip, then I highly recommend the Atrezzo SVA1’s.

  2. I have these tyres which on a wet day they do not grip and tend to skid easily on accelerating and breaking. My tyres are only 12000. Km and 12 months old.

  3. I have been driving Sailun Winter Tires for 5 years. The first set were on a company car, and my initial reaction to me getting these over my peers all driving X-Ice was not very positive. My own vehicles had X-Ice and I really liked their performance. After several winters, I bought Sailun because they are amazing tires. I now am buying Sailun exclusively because they are a really good tire not just a value brand.
    I will be putting these on all my vehicles because the cost/performance ratio is simply awesome.

  4. I had NEVER heard of these tires before. I just bought a used Volvo V60 and it had a set of these tires on it. Honestly, I thought they were some fancy brand because they are exceedingly quiet and handle quite well. Mind you the set I have seem relatively new judging by the amount of tread on them, so we will see how they do over time, but I was pleasantly surprised at the ride comfort and performance and even more surprised when I discovered I can purchase them at Walmart for $104 ea!!


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