Earlier this year we lost Irv Gordon, original owner and driver of a well-known 1966 Volvo P1800S that racked up more than 3 Million miles. The story isn’t over.

A couple of weeks ago I learned about the legendary Irv Gordon, a man known for owning and driving a 1966 Volvo P1800S more than 3 Million miles, and his untimely passing during a Volvo promotional shoot in China. But, the story does not end there. As per members over at Volvo Sports America and a tip they received earlier last week (Nov. 29, 2018) they safely confirmed that Irv’s daughter Danielle Gordon, is getting the keys to Irv’s Volvo and surely she’ll continue to drive Irv’s Volvo as much as she can.

Check out their post and the most recent photos with Danielle below,


Irv knew that this moment would come when asked about the future of his Volvo, he said

“I expect that I’ll still be driving the car until there’s nothing left of me. The car’s in better shape than me, the car will still be around.”

I couldn’t find the exact mileage on Irv’s Volvo at the time of his passing and I suppose it would be rude for anyone to ask any of his family members’s to check for him but the latest video on Youtube with Irv featured pegs his mileage close to 4 Million, but not quite, perhaps around 3,850,000 if I were to guess.

That means on average, Irv literally drove around 200 miles a day. It should be noted that most of the car’s mileage came from a job that required lots of driving which he did for about ten years. Still, 200 miles a day is no small feat for anyone, even if they DID like driving as much as Irv.

In all honestly, Danielle herself probably won’t drive as much as Irv did but I can gurentee she’ll do everything in her power to make sure each mile driven is enjoyed as much as Irv and that any (if any) issues will be rectified. I’m pretty sure Volvo will make sure on that last part of that as well.

Here’s to 4 Million miles and beyond, Danielle!

Source: Volvo Sports America


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