This Ultima GTR dyno shows that a different exhaust setup can make all the difference in making your LS swap sound different from everyone else.

Bay Area Ultima GTR owner, driver, and enthusiast @DriveDriverDriven resurrected this yellow Ultima GTR with a blown engine, swapping an LS7 in place of the broken LSX and finally took it to a dyno to find out how much power it made. The resulting noises from this Ultima GTR’s eight into one exhaust sounds unlike any LS based engine I’ve heard of in my life. And earlier today (Dec. 4, 2018) @DriveaDriverDriven posted up an update on his Instagram with a full dyno pull video, and let me tell you fellas, it. sounds. GLORIOUS.

Check out the video for yourself below.


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I’m not entirely sure the story behind this particular Ultima GTR but it looks like @DriveDriverDriven sourced this yellow Ultima GTR and got a good deal on it thanks to it having a blown LSX engine. Ultima GTR’s are made and engineered for the LS platform so he sourced an LS7 replacment which, as the dyno video shows, is up, running, and sounding healthy as ever.

One of the many wonderful things about the Ultima GTR is how it spits out its exhaust gasses through an 8 into 1 exhaust manifold. It’s the straightest path for exhaust gasses to flow and it looks so darn cool when it’s all apart. Here’s an Instagram photo of said exhaust.

While stock LS7’s (and most LS’s for that matter) run a 4 into one header setup which exits into its own exhaust runner than splits into two exhaust tips for each header bank, the Ultima GTR handles each cylinders gasses individually into that aforementioned 8 into 1 exhaust. What results is a sound unlike any other, almost exotic in nature coming from this GM Small block. Here’s a stock Z06 dyno for comparison.

If you don’t know what the Ultima GTR is, it’s basically a turnkey supercar you can buy from Ultima, based out of the UK, that weighs practically nothing and either comes with an LS based engine under the rear decklid, or, for cheaper, you can source your own engine. Doing the latter is much cheaper and, when the GTR was for sale, could be had for around $50,000.

Today, the Ultima GTR is replaced with the Ultima EVO which is, as the name suggests, an evolution of the GTR with everything BUT the engine priced at around “the same price as a mundane new BMW M3.” Not my words but Ultimas.

The LS engine is a versatile power plant that runs the gamut from Chevrolet Tahoe to this turnkey supercar. It just goes to show just how different an engine can sound given the right exhaust setup.

By the way, his Ultima GTR made 538 RWHP.

Source: @DriveDriverDriven


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