This bus driver in Singapore goes above and beyond to make sure his passengers stay dry on the wettest of days.

Bus drivers have it bad enough trying to stay on schedule amidst a traffic-packed city so making it to their stops in time is all anyone ever really asks from their local public transportation. But this bus driver in Singapore, God bless his soul, goes above and beyond when the skies above open. As per a recent thread that popped up on /r/MadeMeSmile earlier today (Dec. 6,2018) this bus driver in Singapore not only parks as close to the curb as possible but hops out of his seat and escorts each passenger off the bus holding a giant umbrella over their head as they make their way to the bus shelter.

Bus captain gets out of bus to shelter passengers from r/singapore

Check out the awesome photos of this modern day hero below!

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If you see on the second photo above, the Bus captain, as they’re fittingly referred to in Singapore, even extends his arm just in case his passengers might accidentally lose their footing. There is some of that extra grippy yellow stuff so they don’t slip but you never know with some damp surfaces.

 A couple of commenters on another Singapore site are mostly in awe at this man’s kindness but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the handful of people who actually found something to complain about, mainly that this bus captain might end up messing up his schedule if he keeps this nice behavior up, which is asinine. I’m sure this bus captain’s given himself a buffer zone to not only be a decent human being but get to all his stops in a timely manner.

A few Singaporeans mentioned they’ve let the bus company know how good of a bus captain this man is and that’s to be commended. Service above and beyond the call of duty should always be recognized and applauded.

Well done, Bus captain. If I’m ever in Singapore, it would be an honor to shake your hand.



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