James May, of Top Gear and The Grand Tour lore, has only one official Instagram account and this is the url.

If you’re looking for James May’s official Instagram account link it’s Instagram.com/JamesMayBloke. According to a thread that popped up on /r/TheGrandTour earlier today (Dec. 6, 2018) I’m going to assume someone on Instagram’s amassed thousands of followers posing as James May. James May, being someone who probably isn’t too fond of Instagram to begin with and is more comfortable on Twitter and Youtube, probably never bothered with Instagram, until now. As per the video posted on Reddit, he’s imploring fans to not follow that fake account and to follow him @JamesMayBloke (note that there are no spaces and it’s all one word.) instead.

This is amazing 😂 Let’s help James May get followers on his Instagram account and stop the fake account! from r/thegrandtour

Of course, this video has also spawned several fake accounts that are also technically “James May Bloke” including @Jamesmay_bloke and @Jamesmay.bloke with said video being posted on those accounts to further add to their fake validity but, like I said, the only account that James May has sanctioned is @JamesMayBloke. 

The funny thing is that he’s been so inactive on Instagram that his only posts before this debacle thus far has been of his gray hair and some birds. I can’t really blame someone following the fake one if this is all he posts.

If you’re really hankering for some original content from the man himself, real fans of James May know that he posts his best stuff on Twitter where he has over 3M followers.

It’s all rather silly and I only hope to clear the air before the inevitable official blue check mark pops up next to his Instagram name so there you have it. It’s @JamesMayBloke and nothing different.

Source: Reddit.com

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