Welcome to “parking is hard” Monday’s where we go online to search for the best #ParkingIsHard and #ParkingFail post from the past week. These examples go above and beyond to share with the world how wrong you can get it.

This parking fail comes to us courtesy of @CaseyRayWilson from earlier last week (Dec. 27, 2018) in front of a Jack in the Box. These two special drivers either really wanted princess parking at all costs despite the presumable handful of open spaces behind them, can’t drive in a straight line, can’t seem to read the signs in front of them or a combination of all three. Either way, it’s a double-fail that deserves today’s “Parking is hard” breakdown.


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First, there’s this black 10th gen Civic who is oblivious to the basic concept of parking spaces. It’s simple, you park between the lines so as many cars can fit in one parking area as possible without encroaching on each other. Except for the spot she chose isn’t even a spot, it’s a “no parking spot” designated for the disabled parking spot right next to it.

If there wasn’t a cross-hatched area there, disabled drivers in wheelchairs will find it hard to enter and exit their vehicles. A quick search shows that the fines in Texas for blocking disabled parking aren’t as steep as in California but still carries a hefty fine in the hundreds of dollars.

And finally, the Lexus, an ES350 from a quick glance at those tail lights and round exhaust pipes. I don’t mean to make any generalizations about ES350 drivers but with their reputation as luxed up Toyota Avalons, these cars usually aren’t driven by the younger crowd. That being said, whoever drove into this spot needs to be aware of where the lines are.

Kudos to @CaseyRayWilson for throwing on a filter to give it that classic Instagram look that I honestly miss in everyone’s photos.

Stay within your lines, people, and don’t block disabled spots!

Source: @CaseyRayWilson


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