Feast your eyes on this factory accessory option on this early model year Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

There are some factory options so rare to find in the wild that when a car enthusiast spots one if they safely can, they immediately take a photo of it. This is definitely one of those times. As per Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire earlier last year (Dec. 24, 2018) he spotted one of the rarest and frankly, one of the most hideous (if done wrong) factory options on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, an optional factory mounted full-size spare tire carrier.

Check out the abomination of Porsche’s factory styling below!


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Can’t recall the last time I saw a 1st gen Cayenne Turbo with factory optioned spare wheel mount

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I was not surprised in the least to find out that Doug DeMuro a.k.a. the internet’s favorite car guy, wrote a through piece on this optional OEM piece last year. In it, DeMuro explains that when the Cayenne was being designed by Porsche, they provided this option to gauge how many times people actually optioned it out. Turns out, not many was the answer. As such, it was pulled from the options list when the Porsche Cayenne was redesigned in 2011 and was never to be heard from again.

Most photos of this OEM Spare tire carrier catch this factory option sans cover. For some odd reason, those that DID option the spare tire carrier want the world to know that it’s not any ol’ spare tire but a full-size spare with matching alloy wheel. Today I’d meme it as, “Weird flex, but OK.”

But, there seems to be a factory cover for the OEM Spare tire carrier as seen here.

Cayenne tire cover

According to the two comments on that particular picture if you click on it, they don’t particularly like it as it takes away from the svelte and sleek lines of the Cayenne. At some angles it looks like a RAV-4, a car a quarter of the price, probably something most Cayenne owners didn’t want to convey given how much they spent on their luxo-SUV’s.

So, if you do come across this Porsche Cayenne OEM Spare Tire carrier in the wild, know that the owner cares more about having a full-sized spare on hand more than how it takes away from its looks. In more or less words, this owner has a solid head on his shoulders, at least in my opinion.

Source: Matt Farah via Instagram


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