Beverly Hills Police didn’t have to pay for this lady’s gas, but they did it anyway.

We’ve all encountered someone or something similar at a gas station, a car there too long but you don’t approach nor do you acknowledge the owner because, well, you’ve heard stories about how people prey on other people pumping gas. So when Beverly Hills police got a call about a suspicious car at a gas station and they checked out the situation, a bit of good ol’ neighborhood policing was the right call. BHPD shared a photo of their interaction on their Instagram feed earlier today (Jan 3, 2018.)


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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King, Jr. ??? A BHPD Officer responded to a “suspicious car” call, only to find two adults and a child in 42 degree weather and out of gas. The Officer got them gas and sent them on their way. ??? In the second picture, a passerby captures a BHPD Officer escorting an elderly female to safety (dangerous location in the bike lane along North Santa Monica Blvd and using a walker). ????? #beverlyhills #police #cops #help #kindness #duty #service #law #lawenforcement #thinblueline #hero #mlk #community #helpingothers #giving #payitforward #gas #walk #safety #safetyfirst #cold #weather #smile #friends #fuel

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The car, not a particularly old Honda Accord Coupe but not particularly new. In the cold was a lady, her friend, and a kid. Who knows why this lady was hanging around the gas station too long, but police were not there to judge. Her car needed gas and police stepped in. The smile on their faces is all you need to know about this interaction.

If you scroll to the next photo, they also shared an image of a bike cop helping an older lady make her way down a street marked for bicycles as, presumably, there is no sidewalk.

You hear Beverly Hills and you immediately think wealth, health, sunshine, and a utopia. Not the case for everyone. Sure, there are very wealthy people in Beverly Hills, but, there is also a chasm between rich and poor. LA Curbd wrote a couple of words about the issue back in 2014 and things, more or less, remain the same, if not worse. An aging population, one in nine in poverty, and crime on the rise thanks to surrounding cities is a reality for a good chunk of Beverly Hills.

So, kudos to you, Beverly Hills Police, for practicing and sharing a bit of old-fashioned neighborhood policing, a concept I’m glad to see more of.

Source: BHPD



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