I’m not talking about the fire breathing Honda Civic Type R nor its less powerful sibling the Civic Si, I’m talking about your mom’s Civic with the bog standard turbo. That thing can hit 154 MPH without blinking an eye.

Hondata does wonderful things with ECU tuning where they take standard Civics with the new turbos and pump up the PSI’s while safely throwing a bit more fuel and other wizardry that goes over my head to safely add gobs of power with nothing but a simple flash tune. Well, this is just how good their flash tuning is. As per Hondata in an Instagram video they posted up on their feed earlier this year (Jan 2. 2019) that I’m only getting around to now, they’ve got a bog-standard 2018 Honda Civic with the 1.5T in Europe hitting 154 MPH on the German autobahn without even so much as breaking a sweat.

Check out your mom’s Civic tuned in a matter of minutes ready to slay some BMW 3-series hitting their speed limiters before this Honda Civic even starts stretching its legs below.

Hondata has various flash tunes for many newer Hondas but more so as of late thanks to Honda finally jumping on the turbo bandwagon. With flash tunes available for the 1.5T and 2.0T in the Civic, Accord, CR-V and whatever platform Honda wants to stuff these engines in, if you’ve got a stock Civic and are hankering for more power, you know what to do.

According to the caption and a quick search on Hondata’s website, they do have a tune that adds a whopping +9 PSI of boost onto the stock turbo as well as all the supporting ECU tweaks for fuel, ignition timing etc. behind the scene that the ECU flash tune takes care of.

Stock, the Civic Sport and the Euro-spec Civic puts down 180 HP and 177 lb-ft thanks to 16.5 psi of boost through the single scroll turbo. To the wheels, Hondata measured the Honda Civic Sport putting down 191 HP and 190 lb-ft meaning Honda is underrating these engines from the factory which is not new news. With a +9 PSI flash tune, Hondata is able to extract 225 HP and 254 lb-ft which is V6 levels of power from a tiny 1.5L Turbo. Put that through a hatchback that only weighs a little over 3,110 pounds and you can see why this Honda Civic absolutely rips on the Autobahn.

Stock, the Civic Sport, at least in the United States, comes stock with Continental ContiPro Contact Tires which carry a “W” speed rating, good for 168 MPH, so for those that are worrying that this Civic can’t take those speeds, there’s even speed to spare!

So, the next time you’re bombing down the Autobahn in your Audi Whatchamacallit, look out for the pokey little Civic packing just a flash tune.

Source: Hondata


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