If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Lamborghini Urus on a Toyota 86 budget, these Japanese University students have the mashup for you.

The 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon is SEMA for Japan which, as of late, means over-the-top builds from anyone and everyone even remotely involved in cars and these students from the Nihon Automobile College did not disappoint. For what looks like their senior thesis of sorts, a talented team of fabricators, designers, and engineers are about to take this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon by storm with their Toyota 86 made to look like a Lamborghini Urus. They call it the Urus86.

Check out a walkaround video and a handful of photos of this canyon carver turned super ute below!

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With coursework specializing in vehicle maintenance, motorsports, engineering, and automobile customization these demo vehicles are meant to showcase this university’s level of work and by the look of this particular project, to also attract attention.

Here’s a snapshot of the level of customization that went into making this idea into a reality.

The rear of the Toyota 86 has been completely cut out and replaced with a truck-like bed. Reinforcements have been presumably welded into place to bolster any of the remaining rigidity.

Stock bodywork was also given a thorough once over with replacement sheetmetal tacked on, smoothed over, and filled in where needed to evoke the same design language that the Lamborghini Urus has, strong, angular, and exotic despite just being an 86 underneath.

Most notably, this talented group of fabricators shaped and molded their own custom front end to look just like a Urus artfully incorporating the 86’s front headlights.

To add to this 86’s off-road worthiness, a modest lift, larger custom wheels, and Nitto Grappler tires are on all four corners.

Thankfully, it looks like a bit of power was thrown in as well, 70 more horsepower thanks to a Greddy Turbo and all the supporting mods. 200 naturally aspirated horses aren’t going to cut it.

As it sits, it’s an unfinished product with unpainted fenders. I’m sure when all the boxes are checked on their to-do list, this Urus86 will be a high watermark for this automotive college.

Peep this video of the team at TAS below. They certainly seemed hyped for the week ahead!

Source: NATS


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