Congratulations! You’ve bought a new (2016+) Honda Civic. Here’s where your gas tank is and how to fill up your Honda Civic with gas.

Q: What side is my gas tank on?

A: For the 10th gen Honda Civic Hatchback, Sedan, and Coupe, the gas tank is on the LEFT SIDE. Before you enter the gas station, be sure to drive your new Honda Civic with your driver’s side next to the gas pump. Leave room for you to open the door and make sure the hose can reach your gas tank.

Q: What gas do I use?

A: All Honda Civics can use 87+ octane. Honda strongly recommends and you should really only use 91+ octane for the Sport (Hatch) Sport Touring (hatch), Si, and Type R. As mentioned, you CAN use 87+ octane where 91+ is recommended but expect a small reduction in power you won’t notice.

Q: How do I actually fill up with gas?

A: It’s easy. 

  1. Park next to the pump and shut off your car, engine off.
  2. Push your fuel filler door on the right-hand side. The door should pop open.
  3. Pre-pay for gas inside the store or at the pump with your debit/credit card.
  4. When instructed by the pump, lift the nozzle from the pump, select the correct octane, insert the nozzle into the Capless Fuel Filler hole, and squeeze the handle, dispensing gas.
    1. You can either wait to the pump stops you when your Honda Civic is full, when you’ve reached your pre-paid amount, or you can let go of the nozzle handle manually when you’ve reached the amount of gas or money you want to spend.
  5. After putting in your gas, close your fuel filler door the way you opened it, pushing on the right side of the fuel filler door.

Q: I’m still confused? Do you have better instructions?

A: Yes! Here’s a screenshot of Honda’s instructions and here’s a video. I hope that helps!

I hope that you get gas in your Honda Civic succsesfully. Did you use my instructions and put in gas into your Honda Civic for the first time and now know how to do it? Please leave me a comment below as it will low-key fill me with joy to hear your small success.

And congrats again on your new Honda Civic. It is a wonderful car that will last you for as long as you keep putting gas in it, changing the oil and all that jazz.

Take care, drive safe, and happy motoring!

Source: Honda


  1. I bought a 2019 Honda Civic EX. Its my second time going to the gas station. And I still dont understand why I starts clicking off right away as its already full when it really not. I removed the nozzle and put it back in and same thing. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

  2. I was told at the dealership that the drivers door needs to be open to start fueling. Can anyone syphon gas out since there is no locking mechanism. As it stands, the drivers door does not have to be open. i have a 2017 Civic LX.

    • Hello Khare, you’re correct, your driver door doesn’t need to be open. Most if not all capless fueling systems have an anti-siphon device, usually a ball, that prevents anything other than a fuel filler nozzle from going all the way through to the tank. If you stuck a regular piece of hose, you’d probably only get as far as six inches before reaching the anti-siphon device.


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