This one-off Spoon Sports NSX racecar that actually raced finally sold at auction for a bonkers $172,000.

Spoon Sports is literally the best aftermarket parts maker for all things Honda, on par, if not better than Mugen (don’t @ me.) So, when they make racecars in their blue and yellow livery, they are the representation of what Spoon does best, faster stock Honda’s meant to rip it on a circuit all while keeping the driver at one with the car, not overworking said driver. So, when this Spoon Sports NSX showed up for auction earlier last year, didn’t sell, and then was listed again, I had to find out what it would actually sell for. Turns out someone DID buy it for ¥ 18,700,000.

As mentioned, since they’ve painted this Acura NSX in blue and yellow, that means only one thing, Racing. Would it surprise you to know that Spoons founder and the president himself has raced in the Spoon Sports NSX? In 2009, Spoon Sports entered this NSX in the Macau GP Road Sports Challenge. Ichisima-san finished third in his class and 6th overall. I’m not sure if this NSX has raced since then but the new owner can proudly boast that it did race.

Here’s a couple of videos of this Spoon Sports NSX racing in 2009 below!

Speedhunters did a great feature on this exact same car including delving into some of the more technical aspects of why this NSX is so great.

What Spoon Sports has done is literally throw every single catalog item they have onto this car as a proof of concept that, in racing, their stuff works.

Like you’d expect in any Spoon Sports racecar, the yellow valve cover indicates that there’s something special underneath. What used to be in this car is a stroked C32B good for 400 HP but that engine was taken out and replaced with a C30A V6 and turbocharged to around 550 HP. As this is a Spoon Sports build, all the correct supporting mods to make this an NSX in road racing form are fitted including a special LSD, a 4.4 final gear ratio, and carbon fiber everything.

$172,000 is a bargain for what amounts to literally one of the best modded first gen NSXs in history.

Bravo to the new owner, whoever you are.

Source: BH Auction



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