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Insufferable Dutch influencer flaunts sitting on the hood of a stranger’s Lamborghini Huracan

"Let's hope the car owner doesn’t mind I used his car for a instagram pic lol. " Yah, if you could not do...

Honda CR-V crashes into $207,000 Lamborghini Urus in Chesapeake, VA

Talk about an insurance nightmare that might haunt you for years. If you're having an awful day, at least...

Inconsiderate air-for-brains supercar owners block Florida Keys highway all for an Instagram photo

Supercars are great, it's their owners that aren't. The entire state of Florida and most of the internet have...

Epic fight breaks out between Japanese tuners at 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

Two rival tuners, one with connections to the Japanese Yakuza, got to pushing and shoving during this years 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Aventador spotted with Trump Netanyahu wrap in Miami

Florida's done it again, this time with a pro-Trump and pro-Israel wrap job on this Lamborghini Aventador. There's...

Lamborghini Gallardo with Trump 2020 wrap draws MAGA attention in Danielsville, PA

This new Lamborghini Gallardo owner who lives somewhere around Danielsville, Pennsylvania went all out for 45 and wrapped his Italian Exotic to...
Lamborghini Sian

How do you pronounce Lamborghini Sian?

Lamborghini has a new supercar called the Sian but it looks like no one can pronounce it properly. Here's how. Lamborghini Sian is actually spelled Siån...

Who were the two people that died in the Lamborghini Huracan crash in Southern...

Here are the names of the two people that sadly passed away in a Lamborghini Huracan crash earlier this week in Encino. According to People.com,...
Choi Lambo blown turbo

Watch Alex Choi’s exoskeleton Lamborghini destroy its turbos going full throttle

Just days after Alex Choi unveiled his new Huracan build, he blows his turbos going ham on the way to Coachella. Youtuber and all-around car...
Aventador rental

Here’s how you can “rent” an Aventador for $6,500 a month

If you ever wonder how some people manage to drive around in Aventadors, the truth is a good chunk of them are basically renting...
Pastor John Gray

Lambo Pastor wants a quarter million from his members to fix the church roof

That pastor who gifted his wife a new Lamborghini Urus now wants his church members to cough up a quarter million to fix its...
Urus Aztek Kanye

No, Kanye West does not drive a Pontiac Aztek

Kanye West unveiled a new look for his six-figure Italian super SUV but people keep mistaking it for a Pontiac Aztek of rubbish '90s...
Oregeon cop Lambo

Oregon cop befuddled with Lamborghini from Dubai, shouts loudly in show of dominance

This Oregon police officer was confused for more than five minutes trying to understand how this Lamborghini from Dubai was driving on his daggum interstates. Our...
Urus 86

This is a Toyota 86 Lamborghini Urus mashup

If you've ever dreamed of owning a Lamborghini Urus on a Toyota 86 budget, these Japanese University students have the mashup for you. The 2019...
2018 Urus

American Pastor John Gray drops $300,000 on Lamborghini SUV, faces internet’s wrath

This American pastor is under fire for buying his wife a $300,000 Lamborghini Urus. This is America, baby, and no one's stopping anyone from following...
Aventador police push

Beverly Hills police push broken down Lamborghini Aventador SV out of the way

When this poor Lamborghini Aventador SV broke down in front of Burberry, Beverley Hills police were there to direct traffic and assist. Out of gas,...
Matt Farah Counach

Here’s Matt Farah driving his Lamborghini Countach LP5000QV years before he bought it

If you're like me and are wondering a bit of history behind Matt Farah's Lamborghini Countach, here's Matt driving it four years ago on...

This photo showing a Lamborghini Countach meetup in Japan will blow your mind

You've never seen a photo with so many Lamborghini Countachs congregated in such a small area in your life. Coming across one Lamborghini Countach in...
Marco Mapelli

Marco Mapelli was the driver in the Nurburgring Record beating Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini announced they've taken the Ring record from Porsche thanks to a cracker of a car and a racing master in Lamborghini factory driver...
Huracan Camera car

This Lamborghini Huracan is the fastest camera car in the world

This Nevada based aerial cinematography company just put together the world's fastest camera car dubbed the Huracam. What's more unnerving then driving a $200,000 exotic?...