Two rival tuners, one with connections to the Japanese Yakuza, got to pushing and shoving during this years 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon.

You might think of Japanese culture as a fun-loving group of people who never get into fights and are peaceful a.f. and while that’s probably true 80 percent of the time, they have feelings, like anger, just like the rest of humanity. That was the case just as Tokyo Auto Salon this year was wrapping up when Liberty Walk and Morohoshi, two prolific Japanese tuners, got into an epic disagreement and started throwing hands.

All the action was caught on camera by Youtuber effspot as he was trying to get some vlog footage for his channel. Check out the action below.

Also, here’s how loud these Lamborghinis were revving. Yah, it was obnoxious and unnecessary.

Just like SEMA, all the cars eventually have to leave the convention space under their own power and that means starting up their raucous creations. According to effspot in the comments, the Morohoshi crew started their rollout procedures way too early for everyone’s liking, particularly by the Liberty Walk crew, who started to get annoyed by their revving.

” Here’s my thoughts on the whole situation. The Morohoshi crew were revving their Lambos way too early and for way too long. Usually they would rev the cars while exiting the convention center. This year, they were revving while all the companies and vendors were having their final team meeting after the show (including Liberty Walk). If you watch the footage carefully, you can see several Liberty Walk staff and convention workers politely asking the Morohoshi Lambos to stop revving. At one point, Morohoshi himself steps in between the two SVJs and talks to them. Kato-san runs over and confronts the Lambo owners and everyone from each side steps in. I think both parties are in the wrong and I hope the beef has been squashed. What do you guys think?”

When I say “throw hands” I was using a bit of hyperbole A.K.A. clickbait. In reality, the “fighting” that went on probably rose to the level of a heated argument between two baseball teams, a little pushing and shoving but ultimately nothing serious.

If you’re wondering, yes, the leader of Morohoshi and his business involves some “grey area,” presumably associated with Yakuza. How else does he fund his lavish lifestyle and hobby of expensive cars?

There’s a time and place for revving cars like that for as long as they did and it’s definitely not indoors. Sure, one or two light revs is bending the rules and acceptable but don’t blow people’s eardrums out.

Respect is the name of the game, people.


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