Kanye West unveiled a new look for his six-figure Italian super SUV but people keep mistaking it for a Pontiac Aztek of rubbish ’90s past.

Kanye West went out of his way to come up with a one-off look for his $200,000 Rambo Lambo for the twenty-first century except people keep mistaking his Lamborghini Urus for arguably the vilest and most hated automobile when it came out, a Pontiac Aztek. Remember that funky looking SUV on Breaking Bad? That one. But, can you really blame people?


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For what it is, the Lamborghini Urus looks darn right stealthy and powerful. Straight from the factory, they have a presence that regular supercars can’t pull off because of their low-slung ground-hugging looks shaped more by the wind than anything. But, when you put a beige wrap job like this, strip the Urus of its clearcoat paint job and frankly make it look like you wrapped it in a paper bag, your eyes go elsewhere, mainly to how the vehicle now looks.

And, there’s only one other SUV in history that came optional with a beige paint job like this that has as many angles, yup, the Pontiac Aztek. Here’s what a beige metallic Aztek looks like below. Pontiac calls this color Champagne Beige Metallic and, thanks to Breaking Bad, is the most famous of the OEM Aztek Colors.


The wheels, if you’re curious, are bespoke Boyd Coddington wheels of Hot Rod legend lore. The jury’s still out on how well they go together with the wrap job but as Randy Jackson said, “It’s a no from me, dog.”

Car customization is all about expression but any car enthusiast worth their salt will tell you it’s also about the execution. This Urus and its beige wrap and sewer cover-looking wheels is just…bad.

Thankfully, you can unwrap wraps and pick another color. Hey, Kanye. Here are the paint codes for most Aztek colors that made it out in the wild just for reference. Avoid these.

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