This mint 1998 Saleen XP8, one of Saleen’s Explorer-based gems turned up to 11 thanks to forced induction, really sold for peanuts on Facebook.

It takes a special type of car enthusiast to see the value in a lowered and tuned sport utility vehicle so when this 1998 Saleen XP8, based on the popular second generation Ford Explorer platform popped up on Facebook’s Marketplace, I had to find out just how much it sold for. According to the newly minted previous owner Michael Yedlowski and his listing that ended earlier today (Mar. 15, 2019) , someone got the deal of the century with his $6,000 final offer. Check out the listing for yourself below.


The listing somewhat accurately numbers this Saleen XP8 as one of 285 made. Although 265 made it out to the public, the first 20 were supposedly reserved for Saleen Employees. From a pure numbers standpoint, this is a rare ’90’s SUV, no doubt. Popularity for these boxy performance haulers may have waned since this Saleen sold out but with the age of Radwood here, interest for hotted-up one-offs like this XP8 has picked up considerably.

The centerpiece of any Saleen is its performance and this XP8 does not disappoint. Saleen has significantly bolstered this Windsor 5.0L V8 thanks to a beefy supercharger that pumps numbers up to a 286 HP and 333 lb-ft at a burly 3,000 RPM. Paired to a four-speed automatic, Motor Trend was able to hustle one to 60 MPH in just 7.1 seconds. Blazing for 1998.

A Saleen build would not be complete without an equally as wild aero kit and it’s much the same here. This Explorer XLT gets an upgraded front and rear bumper including sideskirts. Lowered by a full two inches thanks to Raceland suspension, the altitude reflects the exterior attitude. If you’ve seen Saleen products of the era, this XP8 fits right in.

I love everything about this XP8 and am low-key jelly at the new owner, scooping it up for such a low-price.

If you want to stand out at the next Rad car meet, now’s the time to start looking for performance SUV’s like this one. Facebook Marketplace might be a bit seedy for car enthusiasts, but it’s worth a shot if you come across gems like this one.

Source: Facebook Marketplace 


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