Everyone did a knee-jerk reaction from Matt’s video, but new videos from the Audi driver show Matt started it all.

Earlier last week Matt Heller, owner of Hornblasters, uploaded in-camera footage on TikTok showing an Audi driver, self ID’d as @MaddyGilsoul1, confronting him shortly after she slammed into the back of his Lamborghini Aventador stopped at an intersection.

It looked like a pretty open and shut case with the offending party trying to place blame on Heller.

We can hear Gilsoul say,

“Why did you do that to my car? You did that to the front of my car? What’s funny? That’s my new car?”

Heller answers back, trying to explain that it’s physically impossible to claim that front-end damage is Heller’s fault when Gilsoul was the one doing the rear-ending.

Heller even shows witness video from a nearby gas station showing Gilsoul slamming into Heller’s Aventador.

Heller painted Gilsoul as a delusional guilty party trying to weasel her way out of responsibility.

Typical G-Zen attitude. All they do is lie, eat hot cheetos, and make Tik-Toks, right?

Not so. Heller left out the first half of the story.

New video evidence shows Heller side-swiping Gilsoul’s Audi and almost hitting a cyclist and

Only after Gilsoul dealt with police, her insurance, and after Heller’s videos went viral, did she upload her side of the story.

According to GilSoul,

“Matt Heller went into oncoming traffic at a red light after I didn’t turn left on yellow. At that, Heller almost hit a person (cyclist.)

My lawyers will be serving him with slander.”

Here are the videos below. The first one is a copy. (mirror here)

@therealbushybrows @maddygilsoul1 she actually was right…sorry for judging before seeing full story?#lamborghini #adventura #crash #defamation #foryou #truth ♬ original sound – Maria

##lamborghini ##lamborghiniaccident ##fyp @mattfromhornblasters.com why does your insurance say you drive a Volkswagen sweetheart?

♬ Knife Talk – Drake

It would appear that before Gilsoul misjudged her speed, slamming into Helle,r that she was only chasing him to confront him over his previous hit-and-run a few blocks back.

As the video shows Gilsoul decided not to beat a red light and elected to slow down and stop.

This presumably upset Heller, who then overtook Gilsoul in the wrong lane (a little too close to Gilsoul’s Audi,) entered the intersection during red, and almost hit a pedestrian in the process.

As Gilsoul’s video shows, Heller traded paint with Gilsoul’s Audi performing those illegal traffic maneuvers.

Knowing this, wouldn’t you chase after the offending driver who damaged your car?

It’s unfortunate that Gilsoul ended up slamming into his Aventador.

Here’s Heller’s viral video.

What’s going to happen now?

I’m not a lawyer so I can only guess.

I think both accidents will be treated separately but with knowledge of each other.

Gilsoul’s insurance will have one epic claim on their hands since Aventadors cost upwards of $500,000 new.

Heller might get in trouble if, seeing how he presented his version, he falsifies a police report leaving out pertinent information about what happened before he was rear-ended (side-swiping Gilsoul’s Audi and almost hitting a cyclist.)

Heller intentionally using his influence to get his version of the story out first, denying he damaged her car, and claiming she caused 100 percent of the damage might be grounds for Gilsoul’s supposed slander case.

You usually have to find for damages in slander so Gilsoul’s lawyer will face an up-hill battle on that front.

I’ll keep a close eye on this case and update you all with new information as the drama unfolds.

An influential Florida man doing a scumbag thing? Why am I not surprised?!


  1. the video doesn’t show that the cars hit at all it looks like he went around and now she admiting she hit him on purpose that jail time


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