Don’t touch the f—–g cars

Today’s blog post comes courtesy of some truly disgusting car show etiquette (or lack thereof) displayed by an attendee of the 2021 Slammedenuff Gatlinburg showoff.

Someone was apparently running around the car show touching people’s cars, placing gold stars with insults and adding unwarranted critique on their rides without their knowledge.

You can check out a handful of examples of what I mean below.

Slammedenuff Gatlinburg is a two-day event that, as the name suggests, caters to the stance nation crowd with rides prioritizing fitment, aesthetics, and overall execution above measurable performance.

Mostly show and some go.

What is and isn’t “good enough” is highly subjective and up to the event coordinators to decide who can successfully register.

But since the show caters to a younger audience, it isn’t super serious. Attendees and participants are, after all, supposed to have fun.

Good vibes and all that.

Regardless of the show’s level of seriousness, proper car show etiquette still stands.

That means respecting people’s rides, being courteous of your space, and not touching people’s rides.

These cars are, after all, someone’s passion project.

You look with your eyes and not your hands.

And, if you have an opinion on someone’s ride worth the effort writing out on gold stars, they’re there to listen to your critique, that is, if you have the proverbial ba**s to come up to them and express it.

I mean, look at this guy who also went viral from Gat’. He’s got the right idea. Sure, he’s bringing up a controversial topic of reps vs real wheels, but he’s respectfully doing it from a distance.

It’s one thing to lob some insults at a car, sharing a photo with a cheeky caption on social media but it’s another thing entirely when you buy some gold stars, bring a sharpie, and walk around the show as a self-proclaimed judge.

That shows a level of pre-meditation for clout that’s just plain pathetic.

If you’re wondering who the internet thinks is responsible, Twitter user @Peachlancia places the blame squarely on the one who shared the photos, Rachel Jackson, who goes by the name @Thatgirl.rachelj on social media.

Despite this, Zac Burnett left a comment on the photos shared above that Jackson’s, “…not the one doing this. She just happened to spot them.”

Jackson’s not owning up to the gold stars, but then again, she’s not exactly shying away from the attention.

Interestingly enough, Jackson’s started up an OF the day the car show kicked off.

What a coincidence.


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