The Ecotune OBD2 fuel-saver promises 35% fuel savings. It sounds too good to be true…because it probably is!

Earlier this week I was browsing my blog to see if a post loads correctly and to my surprise I come across an ad, from my site, for the Ecotune OBD2 fuel-saver.

On top of that, I was actually served a Youtube video ad from Ecotune as well. Clearly Ecotune is dropping a lot of money on ad space recently.

So, does the Ecotune OBD2 fuel-saver actually work?

No, the Ecotune OBD2 plug-and-play fuel saver does not work, is programmed to play a convincing sequence of LED lights, and is a waste of your time and money.

Fuel saver devices like this are nothing new

If you’re new to fuel-saving devices, these types of plug-and-play electronics have been sold to gullible car owners for years.

From plugging into your OBD-2 port to sliding into your car’s cigarette lighter, all these devices promise remarkable fuel savings as the electronic device learns and optimizes your car’s engine for maximum efficiency.

I actually blogged about the exact same OBD2 fuel saver, under a different name, earlier last month.

Although they’re sold under different names, with unique packaging and have fancy websites, these style of OBD2 fuel savers are pretty much all scams and should be avoided at all costs.

As mentioned on my blog post about the Ecobox fuel-saver, independent analysis from professionals and amateurs determined, after dissecting several of these OBD2 fuel savers, that there’s no actual connection and communication between the device and your car’s ECU.

If the device can’t talk to your ECU it literally cannot adjust for fuel, air, and timing.

What about this Ecotune OBD2 fuel saver?

Despite the convincing video with “proof” and website testimonials praising the Ecotune OBD2 fuel saver, I can confidently say that this Ecotune OBD2 fuel saver is just like all the others and is likely a scam.

What these sites do is buy hundreds (if not thousands) of generic OBD2 fuel savers from China for $3 a piece (or less,) design their own packaging, and re-sell it to you for $40 a piece.

Here’s a handful of generic ones you can buy from popular Chinese wholesale site Click here to see for yourself.

These devices, like this Ecotune, are being pushed extra-hard to consumers right now because fuel prices are at historic highs.

They’re wanting to take advantage of your worry about gas prices into buying this generic (scam) fuel-saver.

How can I actually save fuel?

While there are no cheap and easy fixes like these devices promise there are free tips and helpful practices that you can use right now.

Energy.GOV has a list of helpful fuel-saving tips including combining trips, stripping your car of unnecessary weight, keeping your car in tip-top shape, and how to avoid aggressive driving.

By themselves, each tip might not seem like a lot but, combined over time, the fuel-savings make a difference.

It’s worth noting that these recent spikes in gas prices are mostly a short-term affect of demand outpacing supply.

Analysts predict gas prices will return to Pre-Pandemic levels by early 2022.


    • The recent spike in fuel prices is caused by better contol of Covid-19 in highly industrialized nations and the reluctance of OPEC to pump more crude. Biden controls neither cause and the clown suit is worn by you.

      • Dr. Bea, you quack like a duck … a s****d uninformed duck! If everyone wants your hotdogs but you only make half as much, come dinner you can charge more and sell them all! That’s called consumer inflation. Your President cut Oil production to raise prices of oil to push the herd toward expensive electric cars, plain and simple.

        • As you continue to work on that elusive GED in your parents basement, skip ahead to the section on global supply and demand, and you will suddenly realize how inane your comment is, blaming it on one person. The downfall of this country will be from a very thick layer of “Duuhhhh” starting at your address.

          • Hes to blame because when he took office we were energy independent and would still be that way if Biden didnt strangle our supply chain. Simple facts, he also destroyed plans for a pipeline that could of supplied all of Europe.

          • It’s amazing how many people are brainwashed by people pushing political agendas. It’s always ready to blame everything on Biden or on Trump. It’s a shame that so many people are unable to do actual critical thinking for themselves. All I know is Birds aren’t real. They are drones used by the government to spy on us. Look it up.

          • You are making an assumption that people like this have even the slightest interest in the truth. They don’t. “ Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.” That should go on the next little red baseball cap.

        • It’s quite sad that you actually believe what you write. Perhaps when you reach the third grade you will find some enlightenment….or not.

          • Biden DOES have the ability to seriously impair US oil production, which removed us from NET ENERGY EXPORTING, which had driven global oil prices down. He shut off the Keystone AND the Canadian oil pipelines (which brought canadian crude to US refineries) and in spite of the 0’Biden misAdministration lying about “American oil producers have all the tools they need to pump more oil, they just don’t want to” according to the ginger twit the government and the banks are making it very difficult to actually finance and get permits to drill,

            So when the US suddenly is BUYING on the world market instead of SELLING, that means more demand and less supply. So prices go UP.

            How about YOU learn a little basic economics before you shoot off your ignorant mouth?

            WHY do you think gas was $2.00/gallon under Trump? It was because he made it EASY and PROFITABLE for the oil companies by cutting red tape and facilitating oil production on American soil. As opposed to paying our ENEMIES for our fuel at crazy inflated prices.

          • So much misinformation here.

            Those pipelines wouldn’t even be in service, at the earliest, by 2023.

            Even before Trump took office, the United States had been projected to become a net energy exporter in the 2020s “because favorable geology and technological developments result in the production of oil and natural gas at lower costs,” according to the EIA. Then COVID hit.

            In 2020, the United States still imported 7.9 million barrels of crude oil and other petroleum products a day.

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        • Actually if you could read you will see the USA has produced more oil every month under Biden than any month under Trump. The numbers are there on EIA, Petroleum Institute, and MacroTrends. Get your head out of the orange clown and educate yourself.

      • Biden is to blame. Had Trump still been in, you wouldn’t be seeing these prices as we were energy dependent in our own country. Hence the Keystone Pipeline that Biden stopped immediately! ***

        • Just stop. Keystone was never designed or going to supply the US oil for its refineries. This is a fact. The Keystone Pipeline was designed to take Canadian oil to the Gulf of Mexico to be exported abroad. It was 8 percent complete anyway and was years away from coming online.

        • Hey m****! TransCanada (now TC Energy), shut down the pipeline, not Biden. I’d say, “Don’t be an idiot”…but it’s way too late for that. BTW Sparky, your god #T*****r****p NEVER made us “energy independent”…no matter hat he claimed. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe your king Drumpf was lying****

    • We Americans pay far less for Gasoline or Diesel than other Industrialized Nations. I personally think the prices are far too low and should be ABOVE 6.00 USD/gallon to drive better consumer behavior and buying choices. How about returning to light commuter rail and trolley’s vs driving huge SUV’s and do the needful on future suburban sprawl – actually create towns and link with light rail.

        • How far you going to drive that gas guzzler t $100.00/ gal? No matter how independent you think you are, some Arab Prince and some billionaire oil baron, determines where you live , what you drive and where you work, and if you work. Reality sucks, and the less educated you are, the less choices you actually have. Slave labor in the guise of the American Dream is how capitalism works. The rich and powerful have all the cards and you are rolling loaded dice that always come up snake eyes. TRUEDAT.

      • wrong. the president has probably the most influence of any individual in the country. When you stop construction of pipelines as well as other infrastructure, stop selling natural gas to your allies and even blow-up other nations pipelines, you most certainly have incredible influence over the market. What about the draining the national oil reserve and subsidizing electric cars?

    • ***** ***** **** ** ** **** *** *** *** ***** ******** *** ****** ****** ** *********** ********* ******* *****, ******* *** ****** ** **** ********** ** *** *** ************** ** ****** ** ******* *** *** ** *******. **** **** ***** ********** ***** *** **** *** ****** *****. * ******** ** *** ********* ***** ****

    • For those of you who think anybody but, the greedy oil companies control the price of and production of gas are delusional! I can speak from personal experience. In 1974 I moved to Texas because the the price of gas was too high where I lived at .39 cents a gallon. It took around $3 to fill up my 1960 VW bug that by the way had a 1200 cc or 72.7 ci 4 cylinder 36 hp motor that got 40 mpg and would eventually get up to a top speed of 90 mph. Granted it had no power steering,manual transmission,no gas gauge only a dipstick (gallons on one side liters on the other), no radio and of course no ac. In the summer of 1974 there was a gas shortage in the US because of the OPEC embargo 1973-1974. Now in Texas the largest oil producing state with the number 1,2 and 4th largest refineries in the US at the time had gas lines or no gas. Again at the time the largest oil producer in the US with the 1,2 and 4th largest refineries in the US. The price of gas if memory serves more than doubled to a high of 77 cents a gallon. At the end of the summer prices went down to 44 cents a gallon. My point is the gas companies wanted to raise the gas prices more than a couple of cents which in those days they wouldn’t dare do. They created a gas shortage using the OPEC embargo as an excuse to more than double gas prices. At the end of the summer plenty of gas at the low price of 44 cents a gallon not the 77 cents a gallon during the summer or the pre summer price of 36 cents a gallon. Everyone was happy it wasn’t 77 cents a gallon anymore! So the gas company raised the price of gas 8 cents a gallon in the end everyone was happy. Now if the gas company raises the price of gas that is in the the tanks at the gas stations now 8 or 10 cents because of the cost of a barrel of oil goes up nothing is done about it. The oil companies are the biggest price gougers in the US. It takes at least 4 weeks to get a barrel of oil from a well head in the US to the gas pump! How long if it is imported can vary wildly. We see the price increase instantly at the pump on gas that is already in the stations storage tanks! Also the oil companies are trying to regain their profit loss during the pandemic when a barrel of oil in April 2020 -$36.98 yes I wrote -$36.98. They couldn’t give it away! Now the oil companies are making 10s of billions of dollars a quarter in profits not net but,PROFIT on the backs of the gas buying public. The government doesn’t even know how much gas the oil companies have. The majority in congress don’t want to mess with their largest supporters not the people who elected them but, the companies that keep them in office. So if you want things to change vote out any member of congress that doesn’t back more fuel efficient cars or is backed by mysterious pacs or doesn’t support term limits for congress or has been in office before you were born!
      Now to fuel efficiency as I said before my 1960 36 hp VW Bug got 40 mpg. We are 62 going on 63 years later and car companies can’t even match that without the car being a hybrid. I have always held the belief that this was some kind of plot between the car companies and the oil companies to keep cars as gas guzzlers instead of gas sippers. I have never found a written contract saying this but, it took the congress and presidents forcing car companies to make their cars more fuel efficient. I don’t know about any of you but, I have always wanted a car that went at least 40 miles on a gallon of gas! So I will leave this long stand on this soapbox with three things 1 most people in congress only care about themselves and their largest donors which you are neither 2 oil companies only care about how much money they squeeze out of you and screw the environment 3 the car companies oh yeah see 2 oil companies and the onl reason you have seat belts and other life saving devices was because congress or your state created a law requiring them not because the car companies cared about you.

    • Did you actually try it, Jacka**? You should report on something you didn’t try, especially something that can help a lot of people! I purchased 3 of them and thou I might be being scammed, but I received mine yesterday, and it made a big difference in my miles per gallon! I went from getting 17.6 miles per gallon to 25 miles per gallon. This thing is the real deal and I suspect you are being paid off by the fuel industry!!

    • I find it interesting he claims these devices are a scam, yet his first “alternative” for fuel savings is a link to a government website? ???? (because we know big guv can be trusted ????) ????

  1. Biden rose the gas prices by halting the use of our pipelines and using other transport methods to bring the oil to the consumers, (1000 miles away) which costs fuel costs together with transport costs raises our gas prices. Reason would be so we have control of all the oil once everyone else’s oil is gone. Smart??? Nope, puts a giant target on our back for someone who wants to gain control in an industry that will have become astronomical in value due to shortage and limited supply indefinitely m, which in turn will have history repeat itself with a world war because with all the hate America had learned to express, we will no longer be the superpower of the world. And will be easy to take us over perhaps by China by sheer population advantage. Seeing that their population is about to double with the new laws of have as many children as you want. Who can fight 3 billion people??? With our allies becoming scarce I don’t think 400 million will have a chance.

    • Jason, you need to check yourself into a mental institution ASAP. You have been listening to your buddy trump and all the crazy blogs that are put out there. Biden does not control gas prices and all those words you used in your paragraph, are just stupid, they make NO sense. You are the exact type of person trump and the republicans want, mindless idiots who get their news from hannity, tucker carlson, laura ingraham, britrebart news; then they vote for real nut jobs to be in congress like, lauren bobert, matt gaetz, marjorie taylor green. trump used you people like a cheap violin, right after he was elected, trump started the BIG LIE, saying the only way I can’t get re-elected is if the election is rigged, and he kept saying it. trump used a trick he learned from hitler’s buddy joseph goebbels keep repeating a LIE and people will believe it. Then trump caused hate and discord, leading to Jan 6th, after that, republican state legislators, want to insure the the ass wipe donald can win in 2024 by voting in state election laws, state attorney generals and secretary of states to control elections in the states that cost trump the election ( Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, N Carolina and more ) trump will, do anything to get re-elected because he can use executive privilege to keep him and his family out of jail. trump is a liar, bigot, racist criminal and the biggest waste of humanity ever. You and others like you will find out who the real donald trump is if he gets re-elected

  2. Biden qualified?! What a joke. He and his cronies know nothing about the business of America and western civilization. He only knows how to be a politician. He has no idea how to lead a free market, capitalist economy that built this great country. He has no real job experience. The truth is:
    Capitalism funds what socialism spends! and provides a profit (pursuit of a better life) for those who work and innovate and create opportunity for those who seek it.

    • As you continue to work on that elusive GED in your parents basement, skip ahead to the section on global supply and demand, and you will suddenly realize how inane your comment is, blaming it on one person. The downfall of this country will be from a very thick layer of “Duuhhhh” starting at your address.

  3. Omg! Every article written has to come down to political bs?? Which one of you is getting paid to write your comments? Probably all of you.
    Maybe blame the damn supply shortage on the oil companies themselves for once!

  4. To the author of this article. Thank you for alerting buyers on these products.

    However, have you actually used and tested this device?

    Using statements such as “probably a scam..” makes this article an open editorial.

    Please test this device and provide your non biased results as to provide credibility to your post.

  5. All of you little panzy *** ******* need to sit down and shut your ******* **** ****ers, and open your eyes and ears. We now have a President that is nothing more than a ********* that has dementia, and is nothing more than a puppet. He can hardly say 3 sentences without stumbling. The is NO OTHER WORLD LEADER that has any respect for him AT ALL….. And shows that our country is very weak and vulnerable!! Russia and China is planning on joining forces as we speak to take over the United States. And now we are all at the bottom of the totem pole, if not dead. Putten has killed more of his own people than Hitler or anyone else times 10. So he has no problem killing all Americans off for more power. That’s a promise.

  6. Well like the rest of you I too was very unbelieving in this Ecotune OBD. But before I tell you about it let me describe what my 03 Dodge Ram 1500 reg cab with 8 ft bed and a 4.7 l had been doing. It has been running rich at sometime you could even smell gas. So I tried this and because my trucks heat hasn’t been working have been able to drive truck when it’s been very code. Had to borrow my mom’s 1996 Lincoln Town car that has over 250,000 miles on it but climate control heat still works well. But took my truck for a drive yesterday, usually have to let it run for a few minutes but not then didn’t try to cut off. Also when you came to a hill you would have to press down on gas pedal more and since it has a dual Magniflow muffler you could hear motor when RPMs increased but noticed last night it seemed to have more power and took gas better and ran alot smoother
    And something else has happen too my dash & gauge lights are green in color. But usually have been dim but noticed they were alot better. But again wasn’t sure if it was going to work. I also filled up gas tank when I plugged in so will see if mileage increases any. But still has a half of tank but has close to 170 miles on it since fill-up. I live in Bowling Green KY and have to make a appointment today will be going to Morgantown KY and back to Bowling Green KY so should be able to tell more on gas mileage but also about how it is still running…

    • I take it David didn’t make it back from Morgantown KY. You have a bad ground cable. Replace your battery cables and engine ground strap.

  7. I got scammed for the OBD fuel savers. THEN I was given a “FREE” Web TV 30 day trial. OK, whatever. But then I was automatically shunted into monthly payments of $19.97 USD!!!!! For smthg I have never used, and will not. BEWARE.

  8. Under the previous president, the almighty Donald Trump, we were energy independent…

    That’s highly, highly misleading. First off, the trend towards energy independence for the USA began about a decade before Trump took office. From 2016-2017, the trend stalled out. Was that Trump’s fault? Unlikely. So don’t credit him for when it continued again, at about the same rate as with Obama.

    Second, it makes it sound like the USA doesn’t import petroleum, or didn’t while Trump ran the White House. (Or pretended to?) False. We did import oil, and still do.

  9. either tony is employed by the far left or he is too stupid to see that the far left is controlled by china and is ruining the usa. if the people dont wise up, the usa will be no longer exist within a few years. Ed V.

  10. I want to return the eco OBD2 device, that I purchased, for a full refund. Please explain how I can do this.

  11. Take a momentary break guys please?
    I have something for all of you to consider that for some unknown reason we’re not hearing in the prominent headline news but once considered is simple to judge true.
    Though i believe global warming is simply a cycle our planet goes through occasionally. I used to believe all the hype about human cause was paranoid reasoning.
    But I’m 62 years old and a California native living in southern California since 1968 and I’ve never felt heart like this so continually here. So the fact remains if we can reverse or at least lessen our influence through our carbon footprint then we had better do it but now, but right f**k**g now before this hit weather begins to extinct species we either cannot live life as we know it without them, or even suffer good and water shortages that’ll make it children live under drastic environmental protection we’ve only seen in sci Fi movies.
    So whatever you might think about the United States reaction fact is were going way to slow to change our influence. Way way way too slow. And asi watch a few other nations make strides to do their part turning green America isn’t.
    Now as far as me liking Biden I’ll refrain from comment because it’s irrelevant i share on that. But asi see it Biden is the only one who has the guts and common sense to do this gasoline thing and force or hands becoming green.
    Yeah we’re a bunch of childish very babies when our previous little wallet gets stung, but the EV auto market is finally taking off. Yeah the EV cars are going to cost a shitload of money. But we have to do this America!!!
    We really don’t have a choice… So stop your butcher block chat grow up tighten your belt and dig your feet in.
    Change is coming. It is never easy or joyful. But take responsibility for our actions and let’s get through this so life is still with working for when our grandkids grow up.
    I don’t know about you, and if you disagree i really don’t care so don’t waste your points on me. Try making some points instead with our near descendants don’t they deserve to enjoy life too?
    So as much as it makes me want to commit social suicide by saying this… No matter…
    Thanks Biden for facing an entire nation of political cry babies and really getting America moving on green motives. The fact that you faced us when we’ve complained louder than ever in history, it has to be done. And for that my commander and Chief, you have my respect.

    Highest regard sir…
    Michael John Ferreira.


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