The device claims to save you 30-35 percent on fuel costs, but here’s why it’s a scam and doesn’t actually work.

Update: 8/24/2022 – I’m getting a lot of traffic to this blog post from people searching for “EcoVeco.”

Just like the Ecobox fuel saver, EcoVeco is also a scam OBD 2 device. You can see on their website information (linked here) they popped up two months ago. What these scam companies do is buy a bunch of generic OBD2 dongles, come up with a name like EcoTune, OptiFuel, EcoMax. etc, make an e-commerce website, and then buy a bunch of advertising all over the internet to lure people in with insane promises like reducing fuel consumption by 55%. So yes, EcoVeco is a scam. They’ll deliver you an OBD2 device that does absolutely nothing.

I clicked on a Youtube video the other day and the first ad I had to sit through was a video for the EcoBox Fuel Saver, an OBD2 device you plug into your car’s OBD2 port that automatically calibrates your car’s fuel consumption to use less fuel.

The Ecobox OBD2 fuel saver device is a scam, does not work the way it’s advertised, is a complete waste of money, and should be avoided at all costs.

Here’s why.

Fuel saver OBD2 devices are only programmed to display a flashy LED show.

These types of OBD2 fuel savers and this exact design (shape, color, and advertising) have been around for years and have all been debunked as nothing more than OBD2 dongles that play a specific sequence of LEDs.

Check out these two videos from EEV Blog and Big Clive,

Both videos first show how, when powered on by an external power supply and not an actual car, the OBD2 dongle plays a specific, yet convincing, LED light show meant to fool its user into thinking this device is actually “talking” and “tuning” your car’s engine for better fuel efficiency.

As definitive proof, EEV Blog shows a blown up-close look at the actual chip, pointing out how it’s not possible for the device to “talk back” to the car’s engine via CAN BUS. Specific lines that are supposed to be connected to CAN BUS are not even connected (there’s no soldering,) at all.

With no way to “talk” to your car’s ECU and engine, there’s literally no way for this device to “tune” your car for better fuel efficiency.

If that’s not proof enough amateur DIY-er Valentina Sanders took apart a similar, if not the same OBD2 device, drew a detailed schematic of the supposed fuel saver, and concluded, corroborating what EEV Blog concluded himself that,

“This unit DOES NOT have any connection to OBD communication. Only what is connected is Power for this flasher to flash.”

“This Plug & Drive OBD2 is just a very simple flasher for probably 50 bucks. For whatever you purchase this for but, it’s a scam. It’s a 100% scam because this device cannot listen, talk and of course, cannot reprogram.”

There are legit OBD2 devices that re-flash your ECU for more power or better fuel consumption, but that type of programming is manufacturer and vehicle-specific that requires proprietary information and a first-hand knowledge of tuning cars for efficiency.

It’s impossible for simple devices, like the EcoBox ECO OBD2 plug-and-drive tuning box, to tune every single vehicle make and model for fuel savings with a generic OBD2 device.

Are or even a legit sites?

Clicking on the Youtube ad I was forwarded to advertising the EcoBox fuel Saver.

Two red flags pop up.

For one, the domain name was literally created seven days ago. It’s a fly-by-night type of site.

Next, their success story from “Paul, the cab driver” uses a photo owned by the Boston Globe (story linked here.) The actual cab driver’s name is Celestin, and the story is about banks loans.

It’s a similar story with, this site was created in June 2021.

The real reason EcoBox Eco OBD2 fuel saver is being advertised to you.

The real reason you’re seeing ads for fake fuel savers now, more than ever, is that gas prices are at record highs.

Whoever created the EcoBox Eco OBD2 fuel saver is trying to take advantage of this news, advertising a device that delivers 30% fuel savings (which is 15% more than the devices in the videos above.)

A not-so-known secret these fuel saver device makers don’t want you to know is these OBD2 dongles are mass produced and available for wholesale from China, easily purchased on sites like,, or even

Don’t believe me? Check out’s search results by clicking here.

And, here’s a screenshot from, they’re buying them for as cheap as $2.38 and reselling them to you for so much more.


Simply put, do not buy the EcoBox Eco OBD2 fuel saver or any similar looking type of device.

These re-branded OBD2 Fuel Savers and their websites are created solely to rip off naïve internet window shoppers.

To conclude, this is what Pat Goss Master Automotive Technician for Motor Week since 1981 said on the matter of fuel saving devices with unbelievable promises.

Over my many years doing the Motor Week TV show I have tested over 900 different fuel saving devices and not a single one of them worked.


    • And? You should have placed a link… put it in a real car he blew a fuse and didn’t do further testing, and in the comments there are multiple users that claim it works… Both the videos here do not test functions… one dude goes to the conclusion that data pins are connected but he doesn’t know if it works – meaning totally a waste of time to watch it… the other guy proves that it gives no data out to the fake random generating values engine, within the first few minutes of operations, while the device claims that analyzed data and after many miles starts tuning the engine. Where’s the science behind you people saying it does not work? Any engineers here?

      • It is probably placebo effect. LOL
        He said it blew a fuse that caused half of his cylinders to not fire. That could be quite dangerous, but I guess making his V8 into a 4-cylinder would save gas if you don’t mind your vehicle having half the power, having lights flashing, and having the ride feel like a “butt massager,” as his son said.
        If it was that simple to “tune” the ECUs in vehicles to increase gas mileage by 15%-30% without losing performance, wouldn’t the car manufacturers just do that?

  1. How do they get by with total BS on a product like this. It doesn’t even make sense the it could work on all cars always. Not to mention if it worked it would alter the emission check. Just a flashing LED and does nothing else. Save your money for the next fillup.

    • Because

      1. Many people have exactly zero idea how their vehicle works.

      2. Believe that if it’s on the internet (especially a official ad, like a YouTube add) it must be real.

      3. they like the conspiracy ideas behind it, that big companies are trying to stop you from saving fuel, but buy this and you can unlock being a part of a inside group that cheats the oil companies.

      4. Doing actual research (like the 5 seconds it took me to google it) is too much work.

      for the record, I’m here because I was hoping someone already wrote articles on this after seeing the ad.

    • There was one years ago that snapped onto your fuel line…had powerful rare earth magnets in it that would “align the fuel molecules” to burn more efficiently.?

  2. Find the people who bought these.

    Ask them if they voted for (or otherwise support/believe) Trump.

    90% will answer in the affirmative.

    • No doubt. They are extremely gullible. The one I like now they’re pushing is the “everyone who gets the jab will be dead in 3 to5 years”. My Lord those folks are stupid. How do they even survive from day to day?

      • Thinking that Spike Protein isn’t harmful is what’s stupid. Believing that not only demonstrates total ignorance of the protein’s MOA, but it abundantly reveals the easily programmed, imbecilic nature of lemmings like yourself. After all, 14K REPORTED VEARS deaths (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but your feeble intellect doesnt warrant an explanation) is nothing, right? It’s just more deaths than all vaccines in the last 30 years combined…for a virus that kills .3% of the population. Not to mention the 100,000’s of reported injuries. What a smart idea! And yeah, the EcoBox is b****””t.

        • careful accusing others of total ignorance when you refer to the VAERS as ‘VEARS’. Anti Vaxxers love citing VAERS, but leave out the part where anyone can leave a report and they are not vetted. Dying of anything after receiving the vaccine will be reported by anti-vaxxers as vaccine related, but that doesn’t make it true. Over 3 million people die in this country every year and now 200 million plus of them have been vaccinated. So at least a million vaccinated people will die in 2022…. but not from the vaccine. And don’t hide behind “0.3% of the population”. Call it what it is …. 900,000 dead Americans… and you, apparently, don’t care.

      • I don’t care what fancy words you are using Mike, but the truth is 90% of the covid deaths are those not vaccinated. Natural selection will take its place.

      • You’re stupid if you think even a tenth of the people that voted for Trump, think or believe such nonsense. Where do you get your information,? From your hypocritical far left leaning fake news media and progressive tree hugging pawns of the democrat party. Now there’s a trustworthy source, not! Try doing some of your own research and just personally ask some Trump voters if they believe that stupid s**t you’re being fed. I guarantee that AT LEAST 9 out of ten will say no. People like you that will repeat that nonsense are just Dipshit sheep following the herd narrative instead of having any kind of ability to have an individual or original thought.

    • LMAOOO so true you have to be a real smooth brained r***** to fall for this kinda s***. it took 3 seconds to google it and realize it was complete b*******. also that narrative about being expelled from Harvard made no sense. someone finds a way to save tons of fuel, thereby creating a massive aid to the climate crisis, and they expel him??? if that really happened he’d have gotten awards!! what a f****n sham

      • I plugged the fuel saving device up my bum. Hey presto! I can run at 50mph without any cornflakes for breakfast. What an amazing device!!!

    • No doubt you were gullible enough to vote for Sleepy Joe Biden, who has really messed up the economy! At least Trump made the US self-sufficient in energy – but Sleepy Joe undid all that.

  3. No doubt. They are extremely gullible. The one I like now they’re pushing is the “everyone who gets the jab will be dead in 3 to5 years”. My Lord those folks are stupid. How do they even survive from day to day?

    • Thinking that Spike Protein isn’t harmful is what’s stupid. Believing that not only demonstrates total ignorance of the protein’s MOA, but it abundantly reveals the easily programmed, imbecilic nature of lemmings like yourself. After all, 14K REPORTED VEARS deaths (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but your feeble intellect doesnt warrant an explanation) is nothing, right? It’s just more deaths than all vaccines in the last 30 years combined…for a virus that kills .3% of the population. Not to mention the 100,000’s of reported injuries. What a smart idea! And yeah, the EcoBox is b****””t.

      • Life insurance actuaries paid out 40% more death claims in 2021 than in 2020 for people between the age of 18 to 64. We had covid both years but the vaccine only in 2021. Just an observation, much easier to kill off people with a slow acting death jab than to return all of that stolen money. To the government we are all lab rats. The fuel saver looks slightly less phony than the vaxxx.

        • You do realize OneAmerica, the financial service provider where that stat came from, requires its employees be vaccinated if you want to continue working for them. That says a lot coming from an insurance company where, it’s in their best interest to keep their human assets and clients alive as long as possible to collect premiums from.

          • Yep, and Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica who said that went on to say: “CDC data indicates that 65% of 3Q excess deaths can be directly attributed to C***D,” Davison said. “Our own claims data is consistent with that as well. Based on the data and our analysis, we believe that a significant portion of the remaining excess deaths are driven by deferred medical care and individuals who recover from C***D but later die from the toll C***D has taken on their bodies.”

          • This device is a load of c**p! It actually set off several lights on my dash. I removed it drove for more miles and they went off. Then I threw it in the garbage!

  4. It smells like a scam as soon as you read the headline because if there were a way to get even 15% fuel savings, the car company that found it would use it to sell more cars.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for publishing this review and potentially saving people from wasting their money. I saw it advertised in a seemingly legit listicle, of course the ad copy was so outrageous and baseless I had to look up reviews. Funny that the first few results are “sponsored” reviews saying how well the product works lol.

  6. For What it’s worth. I got one of these things given to me as a gift. I installed it on my 2015 F-150. It’s just been a couple of days. I’m not sure I’m saving any fuel but the truck thinks so. The average fuel economy displays an increase of about 6 miles per gallon increase going from 22.3 to 25.8 MPG. I get how everybody saying the device doesn’t communicate with the vehicle and if that’s true how does it change the displays? Me thinks there is more than meets the eyes.

    • Self fulfilling prophecy – you’re hyper aware of your fuel mileage so your driving behavior is subtly altered. Your subconscious is messing with you. That’s why REAL science uses double blind studies where no one involved knows whether they are dealing with the test or control group. Valid test would be driving exact same course, exact same conditions, with driver not knowing whether the car had device installed or not.

    • Check your numbers. Thats not 6mpg. Also, it takes many many miles of driving for your average mileage display to register any change. Certainly more than you would drive in a few days.

    • Ron, believe it or not the same thing happened to me after I drove 150 to 200 miles. I get 5 to six MPG more with the device. I thought it was a scam at first

      • I choose NOT to believe it and chock it up to placebo effect. Please consider thinking about your situation, what car, your route, or how you could’ve achieved better MPG device aside. I refuse to believe this thing actually works, because it simply doesn’t.

  7. actually , you don’t need any fuel to power a car engine at all. basically the use of petrol is a scam so you will waste money on your gas. How come people never run out of gas ? that’s because the engines work on hydroponic graphite and shoestring’s.

    • A raw egg in it’s shell between your foot and the gas pedal would be more effective. Increasing gas mileage for just about any vehicle.

  8. A raw egg in it’s shell between your foot and the gas pedal would be more effective. Increasing gas mileage for just about any vehicle.

  9. I’ll tell you what DOES ACTUALLY WORK……
    1. Deleted
    2. Deleted
    i didn’t think it would actually work, what a surprise. most will let you return if you don’t scratch it up. its just a 2 inch sleeve.
    4. DELETED

  10. ALL of the above “reviews” are mis or disinformation! Just like EcoBox ads! Since YouTube and Facebook(sorry, META!) are GENUINELY, wholeheartedly interested in saving the people,the country, the world, oh what the hell, the UNIVERSE from falling into the bottomless pit of misinformation and destroying this perfect life we all enjoy(thank you social media), I am expecting AT ANY MOMENT the removal of ads for EcoBox, just like they removed President Trump, thus saving us from a tragic end to humanity! So now we can watch performing cats and dogs on TikTok 24/7! Whew! Thanks for being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO consistent(HAHAHA……NOT!) Facebook and especially you talented folks at YOUTUBE. You are just like this post, A HUGE JOKE!!!

  11. Everyone here needs something to do that might be considered constructive. The best way to save fuel is —- walk, or ride a bike (NOT A Harley).

  12. We’ll see in 3 to 5 years if you idiots are still around?
    I’m willing to bet that all you vexed people, were the morons who were handed a glass of liquid at a party, drunk half of it before you were told it was urine.
    The vaccines don’t even work, and are not approved, Comirnaty is the only vaccine fully approved and is not available, every other only has emergency authorization. You are being gas lighted.

    • Hey Bert. Wow, what a plan. Just hang around until about 2026 and watch the population of the USA drop to just 60 million souls left alive, the majority children under 9 years old. 4 out of every 5 of your neighbours are dead. Most industries shut down because essential people in the manufacture and distribution of everything from chewing-gum to automobiles are no longer alive. Who knew governments were so clever. No wall needed since Mexico will no longer be overpopulated. Wow!

      • LOL! They seriously don’t think out how, if their harebrained theory actually played out, it doesn’t make any sense…at all.

  13. The fact that any company can defraud consumers is a testament to the moral decay in our society and business community. It also highlights the failures of our laws to protect everyday citizens who cannot afford these financial insults many of of whom probably need the advertised 30% savings. Our elected representatives have failed us. Time for us to vote all the long term politicians out. Let’s engineer term limits at the ballot box by voting out incumbents every election cycle to dismantle capitalist cronyism. It is time for our economy and our government to serve the common men and women who make it all possible with our hard work and taxes. It is time for a ballot box revolution.

    • I don’t normally reply to people’s comments on these types of sites but your’s I simply can’t resist, and all I can really say is this “YOU ****I*G “A” ARE 100 AND 10% CORRECT.” I would give anything in the world to see your statement become a reality and if you ever decide to run for president then know this, you have at least one guaranteed vote from me.

  14. I find it interesting that folks with a solely political agenda can “fact check” or “counter post” or “shadow ban” or “outright ban” someone with whom they disagree — over topics where reasonable people might disagree; yet, when somebody posts something (like a gadget ad) that is provably, demonstrably false, they don’t even rate a warning…

  15. I bought several and installed it on my cars, after filling up my Cadillac I then drove it and after 50 miles of driving I had to pull off by the side of the roadway and cipher 5 gallons of gas from the car due to the gas overflowing from my tank.
    I learned that if you fill your gas tank up to full mark and after driving 50 miles you will have to remove some of the gasoline to keep it from overflowing your gas tank. I’d give this device 5 stars but I fear tha BIG OIL would hunt me down and Arkanside me..
    On a side note, I installed 18 inch tires on the rear and 14 inch tires on the front of my Cadillac at the same time I installed the fuel saving device, so it could be that since my car now runs downhill all the time and the fuel saving device is installed that perhaps the combination of both really makes a difference in my fuel mileage. Another winter driver tip…always keep a gallon or two of antifreeze in your trunk to keep your engine block from freezing.

  16. No one ever disputed Tom Ogles invention, and it certainly inspired a bunch of patent stifling lawsuits from big Oil. Just sayin. (It was a fuel vapor system not some efficiency meter)

  17. How in the **** did y’all go from ecobox BS to who’s politics are correct??? However, allow me to throw my change at the conversation. D***** J. T**** had this country on the right track and was cheated out of the election because he was holding up the agenda of the invisible hands that run this country. Do you really think this war in Ukraine would be taking place if T**** was still in office??? Not a chance. There is a true and oh so real agenda by those much more powerful than the president of the US and they will stop at nothing to see that their sick plan moves forward. I’m certain only a small percentage of you “Harvard educated” brains know anything about ****** **. You should be informing yourselves of what’s really going on rather than arguing about the *******. C***d is real or was I should say cuz all of a sudden it’s gone just as fast as it came. Does that not spark anyone’s curiosity??? And for all of the anti-***** geniuses who are now screaming about how it’s *****’s base who are the anti-vaccination people, I would like to take you back to a time where B**** and ****** were both talking **** about the v****** saying they would never take it cuz T*** had something to do with it are now pushing it like heroin dealers. If you’re honestly too blind to see that everything that’s happened in the last couple years happened to divide the people then I feel sorry for your lack of sight. They have to divide us before they can conqueror us. Stop thinking you’re educated because you watch the mainstream news channels and really educate yourselves. They need *****!!!

    • Totally loved how you explain that makes 100% sense can’t believe so many people are scared sheep we just have to keep putting the truth out there and hopefully those v***d will leave us un****d folks alone!

  18. Save your money, buy the gas you saved by not buying this device. Also drive more conservatively and actually get better MPG

  19. Several years ago we had a Grand Am that needed some work and they replaced the fuel pump inside the gas tank, fixed the ignition problem that occurred due to having too much weight in the keys that hung into the switch, and did a minor tune-up, all for around $1200+. The mechanic said we would experience much better gas mileage, and we did. For the first month our mileage increased from 24 MPG to around 31 MPG. After that it soon returned to 24 MPG. Upon inquiring of numerous sources we were told that the master chip installed in that vehicle was factory set for 24 MPG, and that no matter what we did that is what it was going to experience under normal driving conditions. There are all sorts of reasons why such pre-set chips are factory installed and for some vehicles and years, you can purchase expensive replacements that do work, and on the same premise as these cheap China chips are claiming.

    What these eco chips have going for them is that they claim that their chip can over-ride that factory installed chip to regularly optimize fuel consumption. Obviously this is a bold claim and one that anybody can make, whether or not this eco chip works or not. Still, there is that small possibility that this could conceivably be engineered and created by some whiz kids. This is not gullibility to try something like this just to see if it makes a difference. If it does not increase MPG after a reasonable time, then you simply return for refund and if that is not possible, then you ask your credit card company to reverse the charges. We are trying it in multiple outfits from 2002 to 2018 just to see. Since there have been all sorts of comments here and none are much more than bad-mouthing or even off-topic, that is the best anyone can do, short of really knowing how to dissect and professionally test these eco chips.

    • It is a perfect example of complete and total ‘gullibility to try something like this just to see if it makes a difference’. The promises of this device are simply not possible, or even plausible. No physics textbook needed. If I told you that sticking a potato into your exhaust would improve your gas mileage, would you do it? ‘Just to see if it makes a difference’…

    • It is a perfect example of complete and tota ‘gullibility to try something like this just to see if it makes a difference’. The promises of this device are simply not possible, or even plausible. No physics textbook needed. If I told you that sticking a potato into your exhaust would improve your gas mileage, would you do it? ‘Just to see if it makes a difference’…

  20. The two videos shown above have completely different printed circuit boards. This first one, purchased on eBay for $5 reveals incomplete or unfinished, unsoldered circuits. Placement of various other things is different from the second unit, although from outward appearances, both are identical. So it raises the questions of is the first one for $5 a scam against the other claimed possible scam, or even is one a scam and the other one not? Of course we will never know. In the first video the guy is downright convinced his is a scam, but of course if one or more of these or even the comments below are inserted by manufacturers reps, there may be ulterior motives for what is shown or said. The only way to know for sure from a consumer standpoint is to actually obtain one or more of these and try them out for oneself, although there plenty of derogatory and disparaging comments all over the net, but even these are opinionated probably because these products come from China.

  21. It is a perfect example of complete and total ‘gullibility to try something like this just to see if it makes a difference’. The promises of this device are simply not possible, or even plausible. No physics textbook needed. If I told you that sticking a potato into your exhaust would improve your gas mileage, would you do it? ‘Just to see if it makes a difference’…

  22. This Ecomax Fuel Saver is a lie. I put it in my truck got exactly the same average, I wrote to their customer service who never got back to me to ask if I was doing something wrong. I called today 60 days out asked for a refund. Told me the guarantee was for 30 days. Basically sorry you are SOL.
    What hurts is the cost was $49 and as I research futher, they are available on amazon for alot less.

  23. People…Snake Oil has existed since the last glaciation. It just now comes in digital form.

    With all the conspiracy theories floating around like turds in a toilet, people must think car companies are holding back 35% fuel savings because….? If overnight, Toyota could say their cars now get 35% with a cheap chip, they’d sell out in days.
    If it’s too good to be true then…well… you know.

  24. saving me $50 a week on gas……………thats money right out of the oil companies pockets! i drive a 2012 cutaway box truck….4.8 chevy engine……………it works! i paid $50 for it and got that back in 1 week? now i am going to park the truck and buy 1000 of these on alibaba and get rich…………….finally…………………. a chance to become a millionaire!!!!!

  25. Don’t buy this unit. Once I plugged it in my car turned into a Space Rocket! Before I could unplug it I was in vertical take off and in now time at all I was leaving Earths Atmosphere and on my way to Mars! Thankfully I
    Managed to unplug it and was soon on my way home to Earth … the only good thing was that I got around 754 MPG Round Trip!

  26. I bought 7 of these( my lucky number) , But was able to hook them in series, It only blew 32 of the fuses , allowing the Pickup not to move saving me tons in gas. It worked, I haven’t bought gas for it since!!

  27. And just as the advertisement accompanying this thread goes, pouring a pint of Coca-Cola into your tank will give you 400 miles to the gallon!

  28. Set trip meter before using this device ran tank til gas light came on. Got 300 miles.Plugged this device in and got remarkable 279 miles. This is a scam!

  29. how do you get from oil sludge to gas type water consistency without the additive being more valuable than the oil sludge? and just because you cannot mix oil and water does not mean someone else doe not have the additive to do so…..

  30. what would make you think that the specific unit you were sent is the exact same unit being sent out to other people? Test needs to be run several times with several different pieces of the ‘same’ equipment for you to gauge accurate test results and turn previous plausible assumptions into near-irrefutable conclusions

  31. Hey
    Thanks for the tip on this BS ecoveco I thought I would check its valalidity first, am I greatfull for guys like you Thanks. There is one thing that never seems to be mentioned or offered:-
    You bought this item to tell us if it works and save us money WHO REFUNDS YOU AFTER ALL YOU ARE OUT OF POCKET TO HELP others so allow me to give back some of your lost cash.

    • I personally have not bought a fake OBD2 device but you do bring up a good point. For those Good Samaritans who aren’t monetizing their posts and videos, that offer, for sure would be appreciated. Sharing their work or suggesting similar fake products to review/write/vlog about would also probably be appreciated. Regardless, thanks!

  32. It’s ironic that there are like 15 ecoveco ads on this page as your scroll down, that intelligence insulting sensodyne tube held in front of an open petrol cap.

  33. They do work!. I installed one about 2 months ago and I haven’t put any fuel in my car since. I specifically remember it as it was the same day my engine blew up.


  35. I bought the one that came with a $10 certificate good for gas at any Mobile station. So, yea, It saved me money on gas tillI had to fill up again

  36. This ad is hitting the UK right now along with other scam energy saving devices (plug this tiny device into your socket and it’ll warm your entire house for pennies).

    Unfortunately people are easily scammed when desperate. The voiceover on the current ad claims a “German engineer from a German vehicle manufacturer blah, blah, blah” and yet the cars in the background are French manufactured with UK plates. Not very German. YouTube needs to take responsibility for scamming people.


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