While H2OI 2021 is technically not cancelled, here’s what to expect.

While the officially recognized H2Oi tried to rebrand itself, starting its own official meet in nearby Atlantic City, the unofficial spawn which it birthed, marked by cruises and loitering down the Coastal Highway and impromptu burnout contests randomly popping up, is the unofficial event car enthusiasts invade Ocean City, MD for.

As South Park sort of put it, “How can you cancel that which can’t be cancelled.”

Here’s a highlight reel from last year.

When is the unofficial H2Oi 2021?

As of this writing, H2Oi faithful still plan to cruise down to Ocean City, Maryland, the unofficial H2Oi 2021 kicking off, as tradition, on the last weekend of September.

That means the unofficial H2OI 2021 is “scheduled” for Sept 24-26. Attendees definitely show up a day or several days beforehand.

As proof, Ocean City, MD’s local government and police force have set up a Special Event Zone that runs from Sept 21-27 which temporarily increases police presence, fines, towing, traffic delays, adds alternate traffic patterns and reduces speed for the entire week.

Where is the unofficial H20i 2021?

The unofficial H2Oi 2021 is held every year in Ocean City, Maryland. It’s a combination of car meets organized online via social media, cruising the strip, walking down the Coastal Highway, and enjoying spontaneous mini-meets that happen organically.

Cruising the strip– Don’t take my word for it because I’m just some random guy on the internet on the opposite side of the country but, to the best of my knowledge, cruising the strip happens anywhere on the Coastal Highway from 62nd street, down.

Cruising happens at all hours and kicks up a notch in activity during the evening hours.

4th annual H2Oi Coffee Beanery/ACME Meet (Fri Sept 24 @ 2 P.M.)-

While there are dozens of unofficial meets scattered around Ocean City, you’ll want to attend car meets on private property.

This 4th annual H2Oi meet held by the Coffee Beanery is good. The Coffee Beanery’s owners are H2Oi supporters and is where they hold Ocean City’s Weekly Cars and Coffee when the weather’s OK.

What’s new for 2021?- Fines, traffic re-routing and private security.


Last year I blogged about possible fines and the most common ones for H2Oi. It’s still relevant in 2021.

Most common base fines for drivers include (fee schedule here aka DCCR090)-

  • Speeding in special event zone- $530
  • Negligent driving as (Burnout, drifting etc.)- $530
  • Racing- $740

For those worried about getting towed for excessively lowered or overly cambered cars, pay attention.

Base fines for a cambered car with unsafe tires will be cited as follows.

  • Driving an unsafe vehicle on the highway (TA 22-101(a)- $70
  • Person driving motor vehicle on HWY w/o tire in safe operating condition – $140

Those fines might not seem too much but, since your vehicle must be towed since it’s unsafe for public roads, Ocean City’s approved tow fees jack up fines, potentially hitting you with overall fines in excess of $1000+.

  • Straight towing of vehicle less than 10,000 lbs- $250
  • Using specialized tow equipment- $600
  • Dollies- $35
  • One day storage- $50
  • Admin fee- $50
  • Tow out of the tow yard by licensed tow company- $100

Walking around Ocean City, police will enforce all pedestrian laws, so you might be cited for.

  • Walking along the road next to a sidewalk- $50
  • Obstructing sidewalk (stopping or standing)- $60

Traffic re-routing

Just like 2020, police, especially on Saturday and Sunday night, will re-route traffic out of Ocean City. If you plan to cruise down Coastal Highway and don’t want a long drive out of and back into town, plan on not cruising those nights.

Private Security

According to the MD Coast Dispatch, because of OCPD’s Trespass Enforcement Authorization Program, business owners allow law enforcement to come on private property, so don’t be surprised if laws are enforced in places you normally thought were safe.

Business owners have also been encouraged to hire their own private security, so expect said security to tamp down people encouraging burnouts from their hotel balcony or starting impromptu car meets in private parking lots.

This year’s H2Oi might be big or there might be fewer attendees than 2020. We’ll see how it plays out as the weekend unfolds.


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