Mee maw about to flex on her Grandson. “That’s a nice Civic Si, sweety.”

Think of retirement cars and images of cushy-riding Buick LaCrosses, Toyota Avalons, and high-riding Lexus RX-330s come to mind. And no wonder, older drivers tend to navigate towards comfortable rides.

So color me surprised to come across someone’s Grandma getting keys to the definitive boy racer car of the 2010s, a Civic Type R!

According to West Virginia-based Honda dealership Straub Honda, one of their older clients took ownership of this 2021 Honda Civic Type R touring in Crystal Black Pearl.

Based on the total amount of comments, likes, and shares, this has to be Staub’s most engaged post in their page’s history. As of this writing, there are over 1,000 likes, 350+ comments and 1,400 shares.

Everyone absolutely loves her.

A Facebook user named Chelsie commented, “I hope I’m as awesome as Anne one day <3.”

Someone named Jason said, “She’s definitely living her best life. Congratulations on a beautiful car! Don’t get too many speeding tickets!”

One of the cheekier comments quipped, “Type R-etirement.”

In all likelihood she is a Grandma, but that’s just an assumption and she very well could have no kids (or grandkids.)

And, while we all want to believe this Honda Civic Type R is for her, there’s always a chance she’s picking it up to surprise a loved one.

Then again, it could be as simple as the caption hints at, this Honda Civic Type R is all hers.

I did reach out to Straub Honda and this is what they said.

“Thank you for showing interest in Anne and her brand new Type R! in regards to how she plans on spending time with her new ride, we believe that is between Anne and her new Honda!”

…boilerplate (understandably so.)

While Honda doesn’t have demographic information on the average Type R owner, with some of the wildest aero in the hatchback market and a suspension tuned more for the Nurburging than Del Boca Vista, it’s safe to assume the Civic Type R is a young person’s ride.

CivicX did an informal poll among its Civic Type R-owning members and the results from 485 respondents confirm what I thought.

Regardless, there are a good chunk of Type R owners 56+ years old!

Age range of Honda Civic Type R owners

So, while it’s more likely a 30-year-old single person would call this their own, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for a more mature person to finance one.

If this is really Loner’s new daily, we love to see it and congratulations!

Us fellow car enthusiasts wish you many happy turbo-charged miles.


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