Your local Californian Tax dollars hard at work.

Presumed OC resident and Redditor /u/DaoHaus posted up truly baffling smartphone footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the harebrained moment in a Huntington Beach parking lot showing two drivers refusing to yield to each other.

The confrontation got so heated and pushed to a stalemate, one of them called police on the other?

Yeah, major entitlement vibes and a waste of everyone’s time.

Check out the ridiculous video below.

[OC]The entitlement is real in the OC (california) both refused to give way Lexus called the police
byu/Daohaus inIdiotsInCars

This incident happened in Huntington Beach off of Edinger Ave in front of REI and Kohls (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

The video starts right as police arrive to set these two harebrained drivers straight.

“The Lady in the Lexus drove straight down the middle of the aisle and wouldn’t give way to the GMC Yukon making a left,” OP comments.

“They just sat there staring and filming each other until the police showed up.”

If you’re still confused, /u/AlaskaRawr puts it this way.

“The SUV was making a left turn into the left side of the two-way parking lot, except the Lexus was driving down the center line and refused to yield like an a**. Then the Lexus driver had the audacity to call the cops like the SUV was in the wrong.”

With that in mind, the consensus is the Lexus was definitely in the wrong, taking up two ways of travel in the first place.

But, the baffling thing is both decided to just..stare at each other until someone moved first.

“That’s wild lol. They wasted their own time for a f***ing staring contest,” /y/ReserveRelevant897 commented.

“The irrational human can do many dumb things,” /u/DaoHaus replied.

OP doesn’t say what the police officer ended up doing but replied that,

“They (the police officers) were actually really civil to them.”

Not that it matters but,

“They’re both middle-aged Caucasian females,” /u/DaoHaus confirmed.

Even though they may seem entitled with nothing better to do, who are we to judge?

Who knows, either one of them might be going through something, and this tiniest of inconveniences was all that was needed to set them off, as irrational as it seems.

It’s easier said than done but, it would’ve been wise for either of them to extricate themselves from a parking lot road rage incident sooner rather than later.

It’s no need to call police, that’s for sure.

Will either be embarrassed at their actions the next morning?

I honestly don’t think so.


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