A case of distracted driving, ignorance, or a bit of both?

Presumed Atlanta resident and Redditor /u/Eizion posted up shocking dashcam footage from around the Pittsburg/Embrey Hills neighborhoods showing a driver in a White Dodge Durango blasting through a red light at an intersection, T-boning an innocent driver as a result.

Check out the video below.

What does a red light mean? [OC]
byu/Eizion inIdiotsInCars

The crash happened at the intersection of Chamblee Tucker Rd. and Henderson Mills Rd in Atlanta, GA (Exact location on the map linked here.)

As the video shows, OP is driving along Chamblee Tucker Rd in the right lane.

A driver in a White Dodge Durango going near the 40 MPH speed limit in the left lane approaches the intersection at Henderson Mills.

The Durango enters the intersection at least 9 seconds after it’s turned red (it’s been red since the beginning of the clip) and only panic stops when a driver in a white Dodge Charger crosses their direction of travel.

The Durango T-Bones the rear quarter panel of the Charger at full speed, wrecking his front bumper and severely damaging the rear of the Charger.

Both vehicles come to a sickening halt.

The clip ends with the Durango driver coming out of the driver’s side, presumably to inspect the damage, but seems unharmed.

As to why they ran a red light, OP doesn’t give much of an explanation.

“They had a passenger in the car (Durango?) with them. (They were) too focused on their conversation without a ****ing care in the world,” OP comments.

“Oh look, it’s green now,” /u/OK_Bet-717 humorously added.

“Red Light…, Green Light…, Amber Light….: they’re all just colors man. /s,”/u/Vogel_Kerl sarcastically added.

“He was making sure you couldn’t pass. He won,” /u/MartyMoran commented.

Since no red light camera or police officer witnessed the collision, I doubt they’d get a red light ticket, here, even with the video evidence.

Thousands of dollars in damage occurred on both vehicles, for sure.

But, with dashcam evidence, hopefully that’ll make a claim that much quicker.

Still, a major and unnecessary inconvenience for both parties.

This is why, despite you having a green, you unfortunately still have to be on your toes to watch out for these distracted maniacs.


  1. I am surprised this has not happened at the intersection of Abernathy and Roswell Road. The number of cars that turn right from Abernathy onto Roswell (towards 400 and downtown) DAILY without making any attempt at stopping is ridiculous and dangerous. Ww are not talking about slow and go, but rather no pretend stop at all on red lights. Most assuredly an accident waiting to happen; just a question of how damaging or tragic.


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